K-433 St.George the Victorious



26 days, 22 hours ago


"It's time for you to talk face to face with each other. I mean...why do I need to act like a messenger when you're in the same base now and not quarreling? Our time is running out but it's never too late, get it? Podolsk? Ryazan?"

"Why isn't there a law forbidding ice sculpting as winter activity? Ughhhhhh..."

"Volodya, what can I d-- uh...convince Sashka to allow you to interact with others? He listens to you more than anyone already, he won't budge at my input."


          --///NAME///-- ::

K-433 Sveyatoy Georgiy Pobedonosets / К-433 Свеятой Георгий Победоносец (diminutive name - Garya / Гаря)

          --///SPECIES///-- ::

Humanoid android version of Russian nuclear-powered strategic missile submarine

          --///PHYSICAL APPEARANCE///-- ::

181 centimeters / 5'12, short wavy dark auburn hair, green-brown eyes, fair skin, muscular build, physical age resembles man in late 30's, his nose is visibly crooked due to an accident in his early days

          --///DATE OF 'BIRTH'(CREATION BEGINS)///-- ::

August 24, 1979 - in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast located in Northern Russia

:: --///PERSONALITY///--          

The 'middle one' of the last three remaining project667BDR submarines still active in Russian Navy. While his two brothers are outraging with Sashka's attitude, Garya instead seems to cope with it quite well, being that he's a realist who already accepted the fate that the appearance of Borey-class SSBN in the Pacific Fleet means his time is about to run out. Coupling with his usual calm demeanor and high emotional stability, the uncontested task of trying to rear the first Borey of PF was assigned to Garya with everyone's blessing.

It takes a lot to upset Garya but one thing that can always do itis putting him next to a large block of ice...

:: --///HISTORY///--          

He was 'born' as the next to last of the second generation of nuclear powered SSBN under Soviet Navy, which by that time his 'cousins' were already passed the developing stage and went into production. Although most of the submarines built in Zvyozdochka that destined for the Pacific Fleet normally spent some time in the Northern Fleet in preparation for the transfer, K-433, as Garya was known at the time, got to stay an extended period. During this time he had the advantage of getting to know TK-208, the oldest of project 941 Akula, somewhat became friends. And a couple of years later, K-44 was finally commissioned and ended their lineage of the project 667BDR.

In late 1983, he set out on a voyage to Kamchatka, where the main submarine base of pacific Fleet located. While rounding the Bering Strait, Podolsk and the other submarines in the base received a dismal news that K-433 suffered from an accident and needed to conduct emergency repair as soon as he reached the base.

....It turned out the injury their newcomer suffered was a broken nose from crashing into the underside of an iceburg due to shallow seafloor which prohibited him from diving to a safe distance. Still, that one-time incident was enough to put him in an uncomfortable wariness with large block of ice for the rest of his life.

At the time of USSR's disintegration, he was staying for a repair that kept being postponed due to economic problem Russia suffered afterward. And it wasn't until ten years after his first moved to the shipyard that he eventually returned to Vilyuchinsk again, just in time to mark his anniversary of two decades in the Pacific Fleet. With the USSR gone, so was the tradition of calling submarines with only their 'code number'. He received the name Sveyatoy Georgiy Pobedonosets (St.George the Victorious) and from then became 'Garya' to his colleagues and brothers.

The 21st century saw his older siblings slowly died out one by one, until there were only he and Podolsk left. The same situation occurred in the Northern Fleet and it was decided that K-44, now known as Ryazan, should spend his last remaining years his two brothers. Yet, by the time Ryazan arrived, Podolsk was taking his turn for modernization far away near Vladivostok. And the tales of two brothers who kept missing a chance to meet face to face continued when Podolsk's modernization was completed, only for Ryazan to go 'the opposite direction' and spend five years in the shipyard which Podolsk just departed from.

...Now it's 2017 and Ryazan is returning to Vilyuchinsk. Garya is just hoping his two brothers will finally talk to each other face to face, instead of using him like a messenger to tell the other something. He has a more difficult task to deal with concerning their fleet's fourth generation youngsters.

:: --///MISCELLANEOUS///-- ::

Asexual / Aromantic

Character's Voice:: [[LINK]]

Weapon:: 16 R-29R (SS-N-18) missiles and some torpedoes