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— His skin is unorthodox. It doesn't feel like steel, but has a deflective power that's greater than the material, so it's very hard to get him out of the way using traditional modus operandi—if you really hate him, there's always the option of ruining his suit by shooting it and then hiring him for a hit, though. He won't refuse a request, no matter who gives it. It's fun to watch.

— He's gained the title Nemean Lion, despite looking to be made of silver and not gold. Nobody knows if he can be dispatched in the same way it was, but most people think it's safe to make the inference, since he's very careful not to  allow himself to be restrained in any way.

— He is legitimately in monochrome; he's not human. The fluid that runs through his veins would probably be black if anyone saw it.

Character Traits

— He has a very serious demeanor, and a propensity to take even joking threats as if they were genuine. It is generally not a good idea to fool around with him verbally unless you are prepared for the potential consequences, as he is alert and has a weapon on him at all times.

— He's got some floral tattoos on his back; they're inconspicuous and actually not meant as generic "criminal" ones, though it's often hard to tell the difference.

— Fairly gentle in his private life. His private life does not comprise most of his life.

— A tall man, in both the literal and metaphorical sense. He's surprisingly refined for what he does.

— If he weren't always wearing his suit then maybe he could pass for having a troubled romantic type disposition. As is, people are more concerned about...well, his face than what's on it, or about what he's doing with his hands.

— He's not good enough at doing makeup to disguise himself as a human.