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For years Dawn has been an avid fashion designer of athletic and formal clothing for ladies of all walks of life. Many believed she had a calculator for a brain as her gifted abilities in math and spatial thinking allowed her to run her entire enterprise on her own. After so long however, she understood er athletic wear went to no one of importance or rather, no one of interest to her. The same debutantes and celebrities did business with her to work out during the day and perform or walk around being famous for nothing at night and her art made this all possible. Gone were the days of anyone of talent needing her services, these sorts of people becoming phased out by a new crowd and admittedly Dawn was sad but then she met Charlie. Charlie was kind but enigmatic young girl who protected Dawn from an attack on her way to her office one day. Some rival designer had hired thugs to take her down and though she had been a Gool for most of her life, they had gotten a leg up on her, it was fortunate that Charlie was there. She was a gifted, albeit crazy, fighter who seemed kind, if not a bit of a diva. After some talk they clicked very well and before Dawn could compensate Charlie she refused. Though terminally ill she wanted to live her life as best she could by her means and this inspired Dawn. Gifted at fighting and singing, Dawn sought to turn Charlie into a fighter and converted her into a Gool. The two have since been best friends and share a sisterly relationship. Charlie regrets little in life and she hopes to expand her empire finding more girls to fight for her, who she can give the means to live life to the fullest on their terms. Who work for themselves but under her guiding eye and when they're ready to spread their wings, who she can be proud to see fly. Until then she stays on the prowl with Charlie.

orgin written by AgentM-Chan