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 Roxie Matalic


TW: Some suggested abuse, Implied Self harm, + Some sexual references.

❥ Name: Roxanne "Roxie" Sapphire Matalic

❥ Birthday: June 10th 1993 / 1995 (Timeissue)

❥ Marital Status: Married / in a relationship / Engaged

❥ Race: Human (Can change occult state), Vampire ancestry

❥ Animal Affinity: Tiger

❥ Nationality: Canadian (Mixed background)
❥ Sexuality:  Straight, Polyamorous/anderous

❥ Favourite Food:  Macrons, Pad Thai, Cheesecake, Takoyaki / Shrimp Acra

❥ Favourite Drink:  Coffee, Hazelnut Latte, Matcha Latte

❥ Lineage: Aristocratic / Royal, Vampire hunter

❥ Elemental Affinity: Fire

❥ Family: Anica (Mother), Tyler (Father), Aunt (Foster Mother), Tom, Max, Brandon, Jake and Michael (Brothers), Helen (Foster Sister), Talon (Foster Brother), Gage, Ash, Rye,(Twins) Kierce, Aris, Tempest, Natsuki,(Triplets) Yuki, Sapphire (Twins), Unnamed girl Matalic (Children)
Roxie is a polyamorous twenty-something with a soft but ever-changing demeanor. She originally grew up with a group of boys who ended up turning to be her love interests. She currently is married to most love interests but still has blossoming romances. Though she has five brothers, she spent most of her childhood with Tom and therefore finds herself favouring him.
From a young age, Roxie was known to stir up trouble from sneaking out of etiquette classes to climb trees or falling asleep in her language classes-- Roxie sought to rebel against the expectations set upon her.



  The rain


   Switching personalities

   Playing Innocence

   Making people laugh


   Cuddling / Physical intimacy

   Salty Foods

  sex, though she'll never admit to it.
❥ Thunderstorms*

❥ Her late uncle

❥ Cheaters

❥ Spaghetti / Pasta

❥ Icecream

❥ Vampires, Mermaids or any other water affinity lifestates

❥ Hurting people

❥ Losing Control

❥ Sand

*She actually loves them, but they cause a fear response in her. She often exaggerates her fear to get people to comfort and hug her.

At first glance, Roxie appears to be gentle and kind but also modest and innocent. Even though she is one of the more mature members of her friend group, Roxie is one of the youngest but still has her moments of immaturity. Being taught as a young girl to not speak out of turn, she acts shy around most men while warm and friendly around new women she meets. Even post-marriage she's rather docile and shy around her partner(s). The true Roxie is actually really outspoken and gets flustered if she doesn't get her way. She's a natural born leader, but likes to let others think they're doing the leading. Even though she may appear docile, she's quite assertive in ways that usually go unnoticed. When Roxie is close to someone, she jabs at them playfully-- but she's never fully trusted anyone in her life due to her bad luck with people in general. 

Family Life
Roxie is polyandrous, meaning she is married to more than one person. Her relationships developed when she was just a child, and the concept isn't uncommon in their world. Roxie has nine children, due to her disposition to twins and triplets, but has a lot of support. She's extremely mature towards her children, but treats them as her 'buddies' more than as her kids. She used to live in a house with many people (Similar to an apartment but in a large house/ mansion lol) but moved out exclusively with her husbands when Gage was born. The family is rather relaxed with one and other, but Roxie is constantly stressing out on how to divide up her time. Roxie is extremely submissive towards her husbands when it comes to romantic things but she does hold some leadership whether they know it or not.

Roxie: "Everyone knows I'm the dom around here!"

Husband: "Hey Roxie, can you pass me that apple?"

Roxie: "Of course!



Life Pre-2005

Tw: minor mention of physical abuse

Before her main storyline, Roxie grew up as the heir to the Matalic empire, much to her dismay. She was estranged from her parents when she was very young and was raised primarily by her aunt alongside her five brothers. At age five, she and Tom were the only two siblings remaining, as the other three set out to live elsewhere. Roxie was forced to attend classes for ettiquette and languages, which she either slept through or snuck away to go climb trees. Because she was pushed to be a 'proper' girl, Roxie often wanted to be a boy up until she was eight.
At age seven, the family decided that Roxie and her brothers needed to be adopted into households. Max, Brandon and Tom were taken together, Michael and Jake to a household nearby in fear of separating the quintuplets. The only willing person to take Roxie was her uncle, who didn't particularly like kids. Roxie stayed with him for two months, where he continued to unfairly hurt her emotionally and phyically. Her uncle died mysteriously one day once the house was set on fire.
When she was ten, Tom left to go travelling with a group, telling Roxie to stay with their grandmother. Roxie refused, a few short days later cutting her long hair to her mid-back and going after her brother. The two travelled together until she was eleven and was then re-united to move in together in the mansion when she turned twelve.

Mental Health
After being in her relationships for ~6 years, Roxie finally tied the knot-- which eventually led to her finding out some darker secrets about her boys. A lot had happened behind the scenes that she hadn't seen, which caused her to emotionally break down the night before her wedding, almost cancelling. From July / August 2011, Roxie began to experience intense personality shifts as well as instabilty including severe depression. This remained undiagnosed until she talked about it long afterwards, when she discovered it may have been bipolar disorder. In May, 2012, her health notably got worse as she began to run away more frequently to the point of going missing for 24 hours before being found with her friends in a town over. May 20th, 2012, she gave birth to her first child, Gage Matalic and she began to return to her original self, though once stealing her brother's car with her kid for a few hours.
In 2017, she began to take medication for her bipolar after committing arson in a manic episode. She began to reach out to her boys for help.
While she maintains an anxiety disorder, she has yet to return to that state and will frequently cry when recalling that time in her life.

Quick Facts
  • When Roxie was a child she wanted to be a boy. She's comfortable in her identity now, but still gets along better with guys
  • Roxie's age is two years younger than she's lived due to timeline issues. (She was 12 when I was 10 and I didn't want to change that, so I made her stay back as 12 for 2 years and give little explanation for it)
  • She was arrested once in in suspicion of Arson. She set a public field on fire and was promptly arrested but she was let off due lack of evidence.
  • She has a timer set for 3pm everyday for her afternoon coffee
  • She considers her name to be something her parents hold over her
  • With the above said, Roxie never goes by "Roxanne" and says she feels weird hearing it. She says that her brothers always called her "Roxie" and that's the name she prefers.
  • She called her brothers by shortened nicknames and still does it to annoy them: Tommy, Brandy, Mikey, Jakey, Maxie. This is also reciprocated in Roxie's nickname. 
  • Her relationships have mainly held out well but she has an ex who was verbally absuive and cheated on her. She never recovered from this.
  • She lived in a house where no one over 18 was allowed. When she had Gage, she and the boys moved out. Now everyone who lives there is over 21. 
  • Out of her brothers Tom and Roxie are the closest
  • Even though she appears innocent, Roxie lost her virginity at a young age to her now-husband. 
  • Her safe word is "Blueberries" and she doesn't remember how that came about.
  • She's afraid of but loves thunderstorms. She uses them as an excuse to cuddle with others. Thunderstorms are a reference to her brother's connection to lightning as their main power.
  • She can manipulate various elements. Her main element is Fire which also happens to be her weakest.
  • She was attacked when she was younger, and her entire left side of her neck was scratched really badly and since she hides that side with her hair in fear that it'll happen again (Floofy hair powers, activate!!)
  • Roxie can use her powers to hide scars for long periods of time without break 
  • [TW]She has mainly hidden her self-harm scars as a way to prove she's moved on and gotten better
  • [TW / NSFW] Roxie has slightly masochistic interests including the SM practice of hot wax on her back.

Tom Matalic
Relation:  Older Brother
Relationship: Tom and Roxie have spent the most amount of time together, as they travelled together for a year when they were kids. Because she's the only sister and the only non-quintuplet, Tom takes pride in their closeness, but is often worried that Max may be her favourite brother. Roxie lowkey favours Tom the most.
Roxie and Tom grew up together, even after the others left. The two are extremely close, though they do clash every now and again. When Roxie was twenty, she watched a movie that made her realize she wanted a regular relationship with her brothers, specifically Tom. She was afraid to lose him (Since the older brother died in the movie) which caused him to live in her basement. The two get along really well, as Tom often uses what he knows about Roxie to connect with her romantic interests later in life.
Brandon Matalic
Relation:  Older Brother
Relationship: Brandon and Roxie's relationship is close but strained. Because the two didn't grow up together, they find it difficult to see eachother as siblings but rather close friends. Because of this, Brandon used to be rather cold toward Roxie but since the two have become closer even living with her at one point. Roxie holds a grudge against him since she wanted to be the first in the family to have children.
Michael Matalic
Relation:  Older Brother
Relationship: Michael and Roxie have a very tough relationship, as they clash a lot. The two have learned to get along now that Michael has grown up and Roxie is less judgmental in her adulthood. He's married to Roxie's best friend, and Roxie is very critical of how he treats
Jake Matalic

Relation:  Older Brother
Jake and Roxie are friendly but aren't as close as she is with the others. He complains a lot about girls who don't like him back and it annoys her. Jake is the most critical of Roxie's romantic lifestyle.
Max Matalic

Relation:  Older Brother
Relationship:  Everyone thinks  that Max is Roxie's favourite since they both feel like they're the black sheep of the six. The two of them care strongly for each other but they also don't spend a lot of time together regardless.
Anica Matalic

Relation:  Mother
Relationship: Roxie and Anica have the most strained but closest relationship of the siblings. Roxie often confides in Anica when she fears for her relationships and she helps Roxie cope with the difficulties in being poly. Roxie understands why Anica left the most after she had her own kids understanding that she would do anything to keep them safe.
Kira Brookheart
Relation: Best Friend / Childhood best friend
Relationship: Alongside Brenda, Kira was Roxie's best friend from Childhood. The two became very close once Kira had passed away and she clung to Roxie, speaking to her regularly up to her Resurrection.
Rose Lightning

Relation:  Ex-Bandmate, Best Friend
Relationship: Roxie and Rose were the two headstrong girls in their group. They had met back during training and eventually got together to form their music group with the other four. The two were really close until one day when Roxie witnessed Rose cheating with Emerald. She told her brother and the two broke up. Roxie played a huge role in getting custody of Lacey. In the end, the two ended up on good terms and worked to repair their relationship.