Hey all! I draw and write in my free time and all the characters I have on here are my own that I have plans to write them into a book. Hoping to make progress on that soon. If anyone likes my art feel free to ask me about commissions/art trades.

I can be found on GaiaOnline where I do commissions for money/gaia money/art trades as Nogitsune_Shadow.

I can be found on ArchiveOfOurOwn/AO3 as NogitsuneShadow. I take writing prompts or commissions if anyone is interested.

My Instagram is Nogitsune_Shadow. Give me a follow to see all the commissions I work on or sketches. Or cool stuff like commissions I order or crazy animals I've looked after.

Can also find me passing time on Omegle looking for roleplays.

Hope you like all my characters. c:

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Lookit all the things I uploaded~

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