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★ hello I am Cy I do CSS stuff at aleator (I'm not doing full CSS commissions at this time)
CSS frameworks
Free layouts
I also run the site's Twitter account!!

I don't handle modding
If you need to bring anything up with the staff (including username changes and etc.), please file a ticket (preferably) or ask minsu or jaywalk!

★ Layout credit to refuted@LJ; I simply recoded my profile to resemble it, which I used before on LJ/DW. (Rules allow usage on/modifications for other sites)

★ Sometimes I doodle character designs for fun, they're in the easy/hard trade folders! Not considering offers for anything that isn't in either of those folders, sorry.
If you get anything from these folders, you're free to gift/retrade/resell. (If you're reselling though, I'd appreciate a message about how much you sold it for! In the name of research.) If I forgot to change the transfer rights on anything please let me know!

★ re: how my sidebar came about - I killed all the sidebar buttons and put all the links in the blurb section

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Posted by cy 10 months ago

I've been spending a lot recently so I want to earn some of it back !! Honestly I'm neck deep in work at the moment so I won't be able to work as fast as I'd like to, but I'll try my best...!


About the files

1. These are not vectors.
2. Each one is 200x200, TH icon size. I'll give you the untextured/no text/no rounded corners version, in case you want to waifu2x them, plus a PSD with the flattened image + text layer on request.
3. Because they size up pretty decently with waifu2x, as an added precaution, I won't post them publicly without a watermark credit to you (or if you'd rather, I won't post them at all).
4. You can do whatever you like with the result, including crop/resize for icons etc. for personal use.

About the working process

1. As I'm pretty busy, these may take a while to deliver (I'll finish within 1-2 days of confirming an order though). As an estimate I'll probably be able to do maybe 1-2 a week...
2. These are also not first-come-first-serve, so I won't necessarily be doing these in order or may skip over them.
3. Please post each order as a separate comment in the comments section! You're free to withdraw your order at any time before I start on it, and there's no limit to how many you can post.
4. I'll reply in confirmation to forms and message you with my paypal address, please send payment within 24 hours! I'll start and finish in one sitting after that, no WIP sketches.
5. Font and graphic design-related stuff will be based on my own judgement! If there's something you absolutely must/must not have on it please specify, but I think they generally turn out better the more freedom I have! You can see samples in my characters gallery and stuff.


Base price: $30


Only 1 character per icon at the moment.
I might decide to cameo other characters if you pick the gacha option below.

Joined icons (full price per icon)
You might want to specify how much space you want in between (default 0px)
14?1462955101 533642_qN9.png


1. GACHA (+$0)
Basically leave it to me to decide, may end up with anything - literally anything, even stuff like head out of composition/character facing away from camera (don't worry the other options will most definitely show the character's face unless you specifically don't want it to)
533686_5E6.png 575?1441372842 761?1440857274

2. Bust to waist max (+$5)
70870?1440799567 17?1458380043 1033?1440798326

3. Knee to full body (+$10)
These're pretty small so these might not turn out too well
533663_wdu.png 533577_rPj.png 109073?1440857516


1. None (+$0)
You might get a gradient or flat background, or maybe the text takes up the background. You might get a pattern but I wouldn't count on it.
70870?1440799567 4?1458574206

2. Pattern/flat (+$5)
533577_rPj.png 533670_gOz.png 420?1458549084

3. Actual environment (+$10)
98492?1459790875 765?1440857806 767?1440857811 15231?1440798343




Character name: (The name on the icon)
Refs: (Or a link to their page)
Theme: (What do you want this to focus on? It can be something like "stars/night sky" or something less straightforward like "her love for nature" or "the deep bottomless pit of his neverending sorrow". Or if you have a lot of info written up on their page I can try and work off what I feel defines them)
Extra notes: (If there's anything you want to specify?)
Options: (Specify one of crop and background, and also if you want it joined)
Total price: (Based on options)

Character name: Aria
Theme: She's a 3DS so something about popular 3DS games?? I've played Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing if that helps
Extra notes: This particular outfit is preferred
Options: 3. Knee to full body (+$10), 2. Pattern/flat (+$5)
Total price: $30 + $10 + $5 = $45


160523-2-named.png 160523-icon-named.png 160605-wm.png 160606-wm.png


Featured Character


Latest Comments

Posted by svntii 6 months ago

how do you change your username on here?

Posted by cy 6 months ago

Please file a ticket from the helpdesk in the footer!

3 Replies

Posted by dreamsthefox 6 months ago

How do I create css for my world?

Posted by cy 6 months ago

Hi! If you're looking for the classes/IDs to use, you can use your browser's inspector (e.g. in Chrome, right click -> Inspect) to find them! If you need help with CSS, there are a lot of online resources that should be useful. Good luck!!

Posted by mushroom_300 1 year ago

I have not spent longer on someones toyhouse profile omfg. Your characters and art for them are some of the best ive seen!!!

Posted by cy 1 year ago

asdkfj;slkdj Thank you!!! ;v; I want to finish up more stuff for them but there's never enough tim eomg I'm glad you like them though!!

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Posted by pax 1 year ago


Posted by cy 1 year ago

YELLS THANK YOU!!! I made them all, it took a few months I think?? and I'm still not done LOL...

2 Replies

Posted by Temhar 1 year ago

I know medium to little about css and html things, and knowing you're here with that really helped me push a pal to the right direction I'm like HERE /shuv so hallo, and thanks for being a researcher of css C:

Posted by cy 1 year ago

Glad that I could help! o/

Posted by pax 2 years ago

I can't thank you enough for this! ` 7 ' (I will forever be in love with how minimalistic and clean your CSS is hhng)

Posted by cy 2 years ago

npnp I hope you're enjoying the site!! My layout's just a recoding of a layout someone else created for LJ, I'm really fond of it /)_(\

Posted by 22mg 2 years ago


Posted by cy 2 years ago


Posted by sammpai 2 years ago

CY I didn't know if I was following you or not so I may or may not have followed or unfollowed I DON'T KNOW but hi ilu, your CSS is gorgeous as always :D

Posted by cy 2 years ago

HI HI HI I think you're following me thank you for the follow!!! Your CSS is so lovely and cute ahhhHHHHH

Posted by Flash 2 years ago

Hello ! 8D I saw that someone asked for a profile page commission and because I'm in love with your stuff, is it possible to have one too? ;7; <3 I saw Jaywalk's profile and I really want something similar asdfgh <33

Posted by cy 2 years ago

Ahhhh thank you! Something on the level of mine and Jay's is definitely going to be expensive though;; Both of ours took about 15-20 hours each and even though I'm now more familiar with the CSS it'll still be at least $100 if you'd like something as thorough, is that alright...?

4 Replies

Posted by hunnybun 2 years ago

ah omg I want to make a nice profile layout like yours and others but idk how to do that ;A; I suck at css