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★ hello I am Cy I do CSS stuff at aleator (I'm not doing full CSS commissions at this time)
CSS frameworks
Free layouts
I also run the site's Twitter account...occasionally

This account is for personal use
If you need to bring anything up with the staff, please file a ticket! If you need to contact us off-site please look here for contact details.

★ Layout credit to refuted@LJ; I simply recoded my profile to resemble it, which I used before on LJ/DW. (Rules allow usage on/modifications for other sites) Profile CSS currently dead until I redo it for beta, which is in the works. Girls do their best now and are preparing. Please wait warmly until it is ready.

★ Sometimes I doodle character designs for fun, they're in the easy/hard trade folders! Not considering offers for anything that isn't in either of those folders, sorry.
If you get anything from these folders, you're free to gift/retrade/resell. (If you're reselling though, I'd appreciate a message about how much you sold it for! In the name of research.) If I forgot to change the transfer rights on anything please let me know!

Art by methyl_key

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Posted by svntii 9 months ago

how do you change your username on here?

Posted by cy 9 months ago

Please file a ticket from the helpdesk in the footer!

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Posted by dreamsthefox 9 months ago

How do I create css for my world?

Posted by cy 9 months ago

Hi! If you're looking for the classes/IDs to use, you can use your browser's inspector (e.g. in Chrome, right click -> Inspect) to find them! If you need help with CSS, there are a lot of online resources that should be useful. Good luck!!

Posted by mushroom_300 1 year ago

I have not spent longer on someones toyhouse profile omfg. Your characters and art for them are some of the best ive seen!!!

Posted by cy 1 year ago

asdkfj;slkdj Thank you!!! ;v; I want to finish up more stuff for them but there's never enough tim eomg I'm glad you like them though!!

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Posted by pax 1 year ago


Posted by cy 1 year ago

YELLS THANK YOU!!! I made them all, it took a few months I think?? and I'm still not done LOL...

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Posted by Temhar 2 years ago

I know medium to little about css and html things, and knowing you're here with that really helped me push a pal to the right direction I'm like HERE /shuv so hallo, and thanks for being a researcher of css C:

Posted by cy 2 years ago

Glad that I could help! o/

Posted by pax 2 years ago

I can't thank you enough for this! ` 7 ' (I will forever be in love with how minimalistic and clean your CSS is hhng)

Posted by cy 2 years ago

npnp I hope you're enjoying the site!! My layout's just a recoding of a layout someone else created for LJ, I'm really fond of it /)_(\

Posted by 22mg 2 years ago


Posted by cy 2 years ago


Posted by sammpai 2 years ago

CY I didn't know if I was following you or not so I may or may not have followed or unfollowed I DON'T KNOW but hi ilu, your CSS is gorgeous as always :D

Posted by cy 2 years ago

HI HI HI I think you're following me thank you for the follow!!! Your CSS is so lovely and cute ahhhHHHHH

Posted by Flash 2 years ago

Hello ! 8D I saw that someone asked for a profile page commission and because I'm in love with your stuff, is it possible to have one too? ;7; <3 I saw Jaywalk's profile and I really want something similar asdfgh <33

Posted by cy 2 years ago

Ahhhh thank you! Something on the level of mine and Jay's is definitely going to be expensive though;; Both of ours took about 15-20 hours each and even though I'm now more familiar with the CSS it'll still be at least $100 if you'd like something as thorough, is that alright...?

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Posted by hunnybun 2 years ago

ah omg I want to make a nice profile layout like yours and others but idk how to do that ;A; I suck at css