New FE Heroes thread!

Posted 3 months, 13 days ago (Edited 2 months, 29 days ago) by Papes

Since the old one's dead. Have fun folks

Was debating on whether or not to try one last time on the Brave Heroes banner. My pity percentage was almost at 5%, and I wanted to call it there so I could save for the new banner on Friday... but temptation broke me.

...and for once it actually paid off! Ended up pulling BraveLucina. Still have enough orbs for Friday. Now I can relax... I think.


Idk whether to feel respect for this person (Lunatic Arena, doing a deathless run) or laugh at them.

Easy win though - just parked Xander on a defense tile and let the fireworks happen. :P If you're curious, all their skills were the same (Vantage on 3, Wings of Mercy 3 on one).

Thought I'd give the Brave Heroes focus one last try before it left, and I ended up getting a 5* Fae instead. XD Ah well, I'll take whatever I can get.

TheLadyAnatola hey, Fae is a very good anti-blue unit if given Lightning Breath and Triangle Adept 3. I've got one now for my future dragon emblem team, and she puts in some work. :D

In other news, Black Knight's Alondite has Distant Counter! And he's got a 34/34 offensive spread. Whelp. xD
Nephenee meanwhile has 35 Speed and 34 defense. What. 

I got two Elincia's in one summon, and one is +atk and- def, perfect for my flyver emblem ;w; sorry Palla, but you'll have to be benched.

Merline congrats on the lucky summons!

While everyone is hyping up Elincia, I'm over in the corner secretly building my +Res/-Def Caeda up to a +10 5* under summoner support. She's got Wo Dao+, and regularly procs 30+ damage Iceberg specials. It's quite fun :3 (At +10 and with Fury/Summoner Support, she'll have 46 resistance)


Wow, that's really a lot of res, that'll negate a lot of damage. What's her build?

My Elincia is sadly a glass cannon, I'll probably put Summoner support on her, but S.Robin.....


Merline Ahh I wouldn't say that Elincia is a glass cannonShe looks more resilient than most brave weapon users.

As for my Caeda, she's +Res/-Def like I mentioned, and has Wo Doa+/Reposition/Iceberg with  Fury3/WingsofMercy3/FortifyFliers. Her stats currently are 42/43/42/26/43 (With Summoner Support). She fulfills a very different role than Elincia, but still is very solid I find. (plus, the thought of her hitting 50+ resistance on a flier team is hilarious).


Elincia is not my waifu, but she's ok. And that artist's work is nice. I'll prob use her for the upcoming Tempest Trials, maybe with the flyer team I really should be grinding skills for . . .