how did you come up with your username?

Posted 1 month, 23 days ago by meatsleep

dunno if this has been done yet, but im interested in responses.. i think username history is a cool weird little internet thing

as for me though, my name is actually the name of an ARG on youtube that sadly got cancelled bc of community drama.. but its one of my favorites in terms of horror factor :P

I love diamonds, and most of my past personas all had a diamond gemstone fused to their foreheads, so...DiamondFusion.

Just playing with my name. Using both first and last name and mix them. Swirl because I'm twisted. I'm more of crazy and spinning anywhere from one thing to another. I'm such a "swirly" person. Oh yea, I love Komasan from youkai watch; "Oh my swirls!" <3

i actually made the name storyscribbles about 4 or 5 years ago to sign up for a MLP roleplaying website hahah

i guess i just kinda stuck with the name, as i use it for pretty much all my accounts

OKay so my first name was xgizm0gutzx I was on an online chat messin with people and stole a users username. The I was making a character and cotton candy corpse popped up as an alias for her. I liked that name better but it was taken, so it changed to candy star corpse then candy corpse.

I decided I just really wanted a good name change that I could stick with, that wasn't long as hell or anything and so I decided well acid-candy? Nope taken so now it's Aciid-Candy or aciid-candi on some websites.