Can you sing?

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IDK how this will work, but I want to know if you can sing or try to sing. Just comment below with some kind of recording below; unless you're shy, you can note me with "song recording".
Here are my recordings and there are some foreign songs. I'm not the best at all, but I like listening to people sing *-*

//////I'm so shy upon commenting but hnnnnnnnnn
I use the Easy Voice Recorder on my phone for recording purposes besides attempting to sing. When it comes to foreign languages, I honestly rely on my hearing (used to be a band kid //slap)

nah, but i made an utau from my voice... i guess that kinda counts

I don't sing; I play the piano/keyboard. I have a few recordings of those.

I used to be able to sing before my surgery. My implant affects my vocal chords in the sense that every 3 minutes, it goes off and cuts off my voice.. so I can never record a full piece at one time, or sing a concert again despite it being my major in college. I wanted to be a stage performer that did live song covers, like a band. 

As for recording!!

I'm definitely not professional level xD I just do these ones for fun and I hope it encourages people to just let loose

i was in choir for 7 years and i still cant sing well

o well at least those years were p fun

NOPE!! But I quite enjoy singing along to pop songs =D 

enthusiasm > skill all day anyday

This is super old (almost 7 years!!), so it's a little embarrassing, but here's me singing a piece with my old orchestra!


It's the Aria from the Final Fantasy VI opera; we were a college-based video game music group.

It was my first ever solo, in front of a packed house of 1,100, so I was super nervous, which you can probably hear xD It was a lot of fun though, I miss it lots.

(I also got to perform the same part a couple years later as part of the full opera! The recording quality isn't great but I think my performance was much better ^^;)

Yes, but I'm extremely shy about it so I don't have any recordings on the net right now

I do but same with luxidoptera don't have any recordings of my voice atm hah. I'll try to show one, though. I've been singing in choir for three or so years! I'm not that great as I'm still learning but I'm trying to improve myself! It feels so validating as a trans guy to sing the boys part sometimes sometimes cause it depends if a certain song is too low for me to sing and such-v-"

Well, I know that I am the best at singing within my family circle. I understand tone and pitch changes better than them lol. But no, I'm not really a 'good' singer.

I can sing but I'm not exactly sure what site/application to use to record oops

I've done vocal training for only half a year but it helped that I always sang as a hobby

I've performed on stage before but only for prom in battle of the bands ;u;

Do tell me what I coulduse to record and maybe a sing or two I could sing?

I can only sing certain songs with my voice range, mezzo-soprano. I rarely sing anymore though, last time I sang was for a middle school talent show. 

Don't got any recordings saved rn though e-e

I can sing! (In my room, I'm terrible at live singing and I can only dream of a studio~) I used to upload Vocaloid covers on my YouTube channel but haven't been able to recently... (I promised to be more active almost a year ago but it's been a busy year, physically and emotionally draining;;) I upload infrequently on my SoundCloud though!

It's mentioned in my last YT vid but I was recruited by an anime song cover?? recording label????? thing??? idk the terms but basically I (and a ton of other way more talented mostly non-professional singers-- unless this contract qualifies us for some sort of professionalism? semi-pro?? our covers are checked by the official publishers of the original versions of the songs we cover! but even so, these are still just covers, and that's all we're allowed under this label...) sing for them and they publish it! I'm just waiting for them to finish mixing the last cover I sent them so they can release my first solo album!! I'm super excited!!

Mysoria For applications, personally I use Audacity! If you don't need anything too fancy, your computer should have a default audio recording tool (on Windows PCs, it's called Sound Recorder), but heck, you could even use the audio recorder on your phone and just transfer to PC (or Mac, I guess)! If you want to use websites so it's uploaded automatically, I've seen vocaroo used, though I have no experience with it myself. A quick google search gave me this, so you can check out the other sites there too~ You can use your computer's built in mic (if it has one?), or any mic you have lying around, like the ones attached to a headset. I use a Blue Microphones Yeti Pro myself, but I started out with my first laptop's built-in mic! (It was really bad quality, but worked just fine for the time!)

As for songs you could sing, I'd say whatever you like and feel like singing! I can't give you any suggestions since I haven't listened to anything but mainly nonvocal video game music lately ehe;; thank you to mienzhyre <3

:') one of the oldest songs I know, my vocal instructor said my voice was super low for a girl of my age I hope you like it uwu I'm not the best or anything special but I like singing <3

I don't have a proper mic so sorry for bad quality -w-;

I'm really bad at singing. I have a very deep voice and it easily cracks when I try to sing softly. And when I am singing to deep it cracks even more. I'm not sure what my voice is doing most of the time :'D

I took singing lessons for about 4 years and because of moving I'm a little out of practice. And haven't found a new voice training class yet. I have the recordings of my last lesson but it's like, 30 minutes long

So instead this is a two year old video of my one and only time singing on stage

It's old and terrible with terrible quality 

I want to get back into it but I don't exactly have a good place to record either