Tell me about your crazy dreams

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We all have had crazy dreams that make literally no sense at all, but they make for a good story to tell! So, tell me about them!

But of course, if these dreams involve sensitive content/topics, please black it out. Make sure you black it out by using a black colored highlight and a black text color since people with dark TH themes (like Night) can still see your words if you only highlight it (or hide it all under a spoiler, that's easy and works for everyone)!

I guess I'll start it off with my own embarrassing dream that I still laugh about ahhh.....

When I was around 7 years old, my mom tried to get me to eat strawberries but they were too sour for me and I'm a wimp. Somehow, my subconscious translated that as "strawberries are evil" and so that night I had a dream about giant killer strawberries...

My family was on vacation and we were all in this one hotel when an invasion of giant strawberry monsters (which looked like this, but angry, and like 7-8 ft tall) came into the hotel. We all run to my aunt's room to warn her and when we got there a strawberry jumped out from under her bed and chased us out. We shut the door but then I realized that my sister was missing and she was stuck in the room with the strawberry monster. We reopened the door but my sister was eaten so we shut the door again and ran off.

Somehow we made it into the lobby and was cornered by a literal wave of strawberry monsters. I don't remember much after that... I do remember that when we got out, we all jumped into a convertible and drove off toward the sunset with a hoard of strawberry monsters following us.


asdkjfa gaint strawberry monsters sound cute (especially that lil photo link) but i'm sure it was terrifying for a 7yr old

I get a lot of wacky dreams but 2 dream that i repeatedly get is

I'm in my middle school bleachers watching a parade going on. The bleachers are jammed pack and there's confetti in the air and its so loud its deafening. As the parade continues there's a gaint gold pole in the center of the gym with different colored ribbons flowing from the top and ppl are holding the bottom of the ribbons. The ppl holding the ribbons prance in a circle, making the ribbon wrap around the pole. Everybody is cheering and then after the pole is wrapped in ribbon it begins to blossom like a flower and a giant purple dragon emerges. The dragon starts destroying the gym. I'm then in a sea of pushing people. And me and my brother eventually run up these pure white spiral staircases to escape. But then my brother tells me he has to go defeat the dragon because ppl are dying. But he only has a baby blue wooden sword. And i tell him not to go because i know he'll die. i see him disappear back down the staircase and i hesitate to follow him or go through the white escape door. and i end up reaching for the door before i wake up. and i really don't like this dream because i feel like its a premonition that i'll betray my lil brother in the future. 

the second dream  i get starts off with me walking out the back door of the house i grew up in as a kid. I go around the outside of my house to get to the front. but just as i walk past the side of my house and to the front yard, the entire area becomes submerged under water and is darkly lit. I can see these faint red glowing dots and get mesmerized by it. but then someone banging on the bottom vent in my house catches my eye. I can't make out who it is but their trying to tell me to run away. I turn to look back and see what the danger is. And the red glowing dots turn out to be mechanical space cows. And once I realize it they fire lasers and I wake up

I just had this dream recently, LOL.

So, apparently my house was full of bugs and I mean, like--A TON OF FRIGGIN' BUGS. Not the teeny tiny ones either, no, some of 'em were HUGE. Apparently I wasn't bothered by it and just walked to the refrigerator and looking inside, there was a really big Spider and Cockroach inside. So, I decided to come back with some Raid Bugspray, and sprayed the crap outta them cause they were monstrous. After that was done, there was a huge grandfather clock near the wall, and approaching it there was bugs on that, too. But I was drawn to this really fluffy Moth, it kinda looked like the Venezuelan Poodle Moth so I allowed the guy to crawl onto my hand... And then, out of nowhere, the moth started licking my palm like a dog. I-I HAVE NO IDEA EITHER, HAHAHA.

since you mentioned stuff in rl transferring to your subconscious.....

a year ago i tripped & broke my tooth bc i was overthinking some things like why i've wasted so much of my life on a shit hobby for pennies on cms and no feedback whatsoever on my hard work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and ever since then i'd always have tons of dreams where i'd have problems w/ my teeth rotting or breaking or shifting or getting it pulled (forcefully). mfw i thought this was something serious since if u consulted with dr. google, dream dictionaries would tell you something bad would be coming????

nah turns out getting 2 notes on my art when i post it online was so traumatizing that i get #triggered whenever i get 0 feedback on my art w0w art ruined my life amazing!!

i don't rly get teeth dreams anymore.... maybe its bc i've given up on art ? hahahah...... sadly looks away

Lunar-Leaf daikon - the important question here is that straberries, bugs, and mechanical space cows, who would win?
Jokes aside, I love how randomly action-y your dreams are, Leaf. And Daikon, I would cry if my dream was about giant bugs infesting my house just... oh nononono

speaking of repeatitive dreams, when I was little I also had one where I was in our background and I was riding a tricycle (never owned one) and I would be riding it around in circles around something... I don't remember what the thing is... but that dream was so frequent it was kind of weird -shrugs-

crunchyroll - oh god teeth dreams are the worse. I used to have one where my teeth would fall out and completely disintegrate in my hands (google had me worried there too haha). Sorry to hear that you're not feeling good about your art! D:
if it makes you feel better your thread is actually on my art wishlist ; w;? I just haven't figured out which oc yet which is always a problem

I dream, really frequently, about Thomas the Tank Engine and friends.

They try to kill me. I'm always near tracks and they rush to run me over. If they can't get to me they derail and try to explode themselves in hopes of killing me.

.. Yeaa..

Shayochism - you are not the first to tell me this o:
the derailing part is new tho, they seem to be very determined...

I usually have very vivid, hyper realistic dreams. So they don't feel as fantastical as a dream can and I take them way too seriously despite knowing I'm dreaming. It makes for some intense stories to tell. This one was recent and so out of place.

The setting was post apocalyptic, time must have passed since things weren't in immediate chaos. Semi-intelligent zombies were running amok and humanity as we knew it formed and lived in small 'governments' that were essentially gangs but all power hungry jerks who acted like the CIA or something. At some point I needed to retrieve imperative intel. What I had to do was.... fight in hand to hand combat with a monkey. Monkeys were on par with human intelligence though their way of thinking was still more a primitive style than ours. I had to offer something meaningful to enter the fight. What did I offer? What meant so much to me that all stakes were put on the table when I had to give it up? A plush Daredevil Tsum Tsum, something I physically own which never happens in dreams, which was all that I had left of home and prized over any other object. Because we're all adults here right?

Turns out I win the fight and the monkeys say.... it doesn't count. Why? I have ten toes while they have eight....

Safe to say I put up a huge fuss and got both my plushie back and the information I needed. But it was so surreal and honestly unique compared to what I dream about like giant malls with a golden haze or really dark, gritty environments with a lot of water? Later on there was also a dog the size of a horse who was all bone and flesh with some visible muscle . Apparently it's job was to protect my sister when I had to leave her alone to check empty tunnels or fight something. It didn't make a noise, just stared into your soul and possibly into the void. It liked dirt. Lots of dirt.

My dreams are very realistic, to the point of where I can feel my environment, even if it's a place where I have never been before. 

The only nightmare I ever recall having in my entire life, was from when I was little. I was 5 or so, quite young, you see. The dream in question went like this: I was in the middle of a desert, running from something, but I wasn't sure what. Then, I realized what I was running from. A massive worm the size of a sky scraper with dozens of sharp teeth lining the inside of it's mouth came out from the sand, swimming in it as if it was water. Diving out of the sand, it reached high into the air, where I could see it's body, as it blocked the sun with it's fat body. The worm then dived down with it's mouth agape, swallowing me whole. I woke up crying and in a cold sweat. Running to my mother, I told her about the nightmare I had, and she took me to the old computer we used (one from the 90s), and she promptly turned on the device. Told to sit in the chair that rested in front of the computer, she brought up an image of the Mongolian Death Worm. I freaked out and started crying, exclaiming that it was the same worm that ate me in the dream. The odd part? I had never heard of the Mongolian Death Worm before that, nor had seen any picture of it before that. 

Now I don't like worms of any kind, and can only stand to be around them if they're encased and I know that they cannot touch me.   

yeaaa teeth dreams really send me panicking a lot,,,, luckily my teeth are all fine when i wake up whew 💦💦 i think dreams where your teeth just falls out & withers away are the most horrifying ones, but yknow, just glad that this phase is over ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hope they're not a common thing for you too tho

and nah its fine its more of an indifference? to art now lmao i just always gotta plug those hints that i dont art wherever i can finger guns thank u for the super nice words tho!!

Bb knows how often and how vivid my dreams are lol. Just had one last night that was pretty cool!

The dream started out with myself, my boyfriend and another friend running to this weird school because we had heard rumors that the school was kidnapping people and brainwashing them. We were pretty far away from it, but we all had these cool powers that we could cycle through, kind of like a video game! I remember there were 3 different auras (idk if that's the right word, but basically we were surrounded by a color and if we moved, that color would form a stream behind us with patterns and other colors) There was blue and black, green and gold and then pink and white. I started with the blue and black since that was the speed power but eventually switched to green and gold since that was the jump/fly power for whatever reason. 

We ended up reaching the school and all of the students were pretty much anime and cartoon characters: ex Naruto, Avatar the Last Airbender, Bleach, just to name a few of the shows. They were all just talking and acting really strange. My little group broke into the school to find out what was going on. The teachers were talking about how it was going all according to the plan of whatever was in power and world peace was going to be obtained once everyone was brainwashed. The other two in my group were captured but I managed to temporarily escape. I used the pink power which was strength and burst through the walls. But in doing so, I found the leader. It was this huge, eye and there was a sharp beak slightly below it, more like an octopus than a bird. 

After discovering it, I was captured, but it told them not to brainwash me yet because it wanted to show me why. It connected a tentacle to the back of my head and started showing me memories of some of his followers, including a woman names Taliyah, who was important to me for an unknown reason. It showed that she and some other characters falling in love, but then being forced to go to war where they were killed. After showing me he gave me a choice to join him or not. 

I chose not to join him and ended up with a new power. This aura was purple and everyone who was affected broke free of the control, and I also gained the power to shape shift. Everyone gathered outside and we realized we had to destroy that octopus monster. But by that time, he was calling these alien monsters. They were huge, purple beetle-like monsters with that really stereotypical alien face. They glittered green in the light. The aliens started attacking random towns and were killing and kidnapping people. I turned into a giant phoenix (whick kind of looked like Birdomon from Digimon) and began trying to defend the people. There were telephone wires everywhere that the aliens were climbing and it also made flying and maneuvering hard.

After flying around I saw this van that the aliens werent attacking, so I assumed it was their command post. So I attacked it and then discovered the people inside were also trying to stop the aliens. We teamed up and learned they were weak to fire. We set the whole place ablaze and destroyed all the aliens. As last ditch effort, This thing popped out of the ground and tried grabbing people and dragging them under. We stopped it and stopped the aliens.

I woke up after all the world came together to form a treaty and basically was partying because we stopped the aliens

My second weirdest dream was when a guy who looked kinda like Ted Cruz was my stepdad but for some odd reason, he was married to my dad. My brother and I hated his guts. He made us mad uncomfortable. He had a large like food truck next to my dad's house and a lot of weird noises came from it but we were too afraid to find out what it was. Anyway, my dad, brother, and I are at a large mall and our Ted Cruz look-alike stepdad came up to us and gave me a bunch of bright neon lacy bras to try to get me to like him.

My weirdest dream is uhhh really inappropriate

I was at a random school and I needed to get home but I didn't feel like walking so I stole some kids scooter and took it home. Then I realized I needed to return it so I found the owners home and returned the scooter and then he was like "uhh wanna have sex?" and even though I wasn't interested, I said yes for some reason. So we fuck, whatever, but then he grabs a zip-lock bag full of bell peppers and some limes and started putting them in my butt. Then his mom saw everything through the window and burst in saying that she recorded the entire thing and I was SUPER embarrassed. So I leave and start walking home but then I see a scooter in someone's garage and consider stealing it but then I remember my last encounter after stealing a scooter so I pass.

Also as a child, I would have reoccurring nightmares about garbage trucks that could talk and they would chase me around than then throw me into the garbage compactor. It stopped for a while and then officially ended when I confronted the garbage truck and it found the fault in its ways.

I've been having a lot of dreams lately about planes crashing. I'm never on the planes, just a bystander.

I don't remember many of my dreams but the MOST RECENT weird dream that I can recall is Toxic Spider-Man.

Basically, I (as myself) was the new Spider-Man. Except. I never wore my suit under my clothes because it was too hot outside to do that, so often enough I'd have to strip to get into my suit. and, heres where the Toxic kicks in. I could ONLY preform my Spider-Man duties when the song Toxic by Britney Spears was playing. Either my suit played it or someone with a loud boom box would play it. Imagine just swinging around on webs, watching your friends be taken by gigantic crabs, random lobsters and cars flying up in the air as Britney Spears Toxic plays on blast repeat.

A literal quote from this is: "cmon you know I cant do my spider man things without britney spears toxic" "blake no-"

This is a dream I had when I took a nap on Tuesday afternoon.

So my sister and I were driving down the highway close to our house and apparently the Gulf of Mexico had carved an inlet through the area, so we basically have an ocean where farmland was, and surprise surprise, it's becoming popular. Popular to the point where this big multinational corporation thought this sleepy town needed a HUGE MASSIVE RESORT HOTEL and basically a ferry superhighway between there and Galveston Island in South Texas.

So my sister and I are first trying to cross the big bridge that passes over the inlet, when trucks are bringing HUGEASS equipment across the bridge that’s basically taking up the whole bridge. I’m worried and tell my sister we shouldn’t cross but she insists. We get across but only after the top of her car is shaved off. On the other side, we pull into the parking lot of the hotel and go in. The inside reminds me basically of “tiki hut meets cupcake shop.” It was garish, and it was big. Apparently they also kept live pandas in this huge bouncy room as an attraction for the public, and one of the pandas had just had babies, which were befriending some stray puppies from the local animal shelter.

I don’t know how we got into this situation, but we got into an argument with one of the higher-ups in the hotel’s management (this really uptight middle-aged woman who looked like she had a stick in her ass), and it ended in us fleeing down several flights of stairs in a golf cart. We accidentally ripped some of the railing off in our escape. I try to navigate us back to our cars before security gets us, but the lady somehow beat us upstairs and grabbed my sister and dragged her back upstairs yelling that she owed about $1000 for the damage she caused to hotel property. I tried to chase after to get my sister back but this woman who claimed she was my Latin professor from undergrad but who looked nothing like her kept trying to talk to me.

The stick woman returned alone and demanded to speak to me. I told her I just wanted to take my sister and leave, and she said something along the lines of “I was going to let you go if you just watched the cutscene, but all your dirty skipping led you to this point.” She then said for me to go with her to get my sister and then we could go.

We went into this portal (reminded me a lot of the leyline from Little Witch Academia), but I ended up in the Panda Room instead. The pandas were docile but they LOVED to bite, so I climbed the wall to escape from them, and found the baby pandas and puppies up there. I spent the rest of the dream keeping them from falling off the top of the wall.

This was a dream I had recently and it's still pretty much messing me up because of how vivid and morbid it was. All of it will be placed under a spoiler but a warning for drug abuse, murder, gore, and criminal behavior. Like I am serious, this is probably Rated M content, so please be wary if you click that Spoiler button.

So I was basically thrust into this sort of Miami apartment complex where I got wrapped up into this cocaine drug ring with the following people:

  • You have me, which I'll be using my Pokesona since that's how I looked in the dream
  • You have Nick from L4D2
  • Kristoph from Ace Attorney
  • You have Zoolander
  • And then you have Wicke from Pokemon
Now a disclaimer, all these people were in my dream but they had touches to their personalities that made them more serious and more out of it? Except for me. Nick was the leader of this drug ring, and basically he had figured out that a good way to make cocaine was, I shit you not, via drying machine. Apparently had you rigged up a drying machine to have titanium and iron insides so that it would conduct heat at a certain degree, you could take the raw form of cocaine (which was, in my dream, these sharp grey nuggets that are as big as the shape your index finger and thumb make when the tip of the fingers touch) and toss them in and then run the machine for three hours, and then you would get this rich white powdery cocaine. Nick was like, "Great, all of you run your machines and sell this and I won't blow your heads off", and thus we did.

So I tried to talk to Wicke seeing as how she was nice and all but she was really cold with me? Like she was consoling up until a point and then she flat out reminded me that this was a job I had to do. Kristoph was acting like the brains of the operation and we all had scheduled sellings and whatnot, but Zoolander... Oh god, Zoolander. Zoolander wasn't taking the job seriously and although he did a fine job at doing what he did, he was replaceable. That was terrifying to me as a concept because it meant that, shit, at any given time this guy's brains will be blown out via shotgun and if I flinch then I'll be the next reload. And I was, much to my dismay, right with my prediction in this: Kristoph told Nick that not only had Zoolander had been dangerously close to the cops and blowing this entire operation up, but he was also churning out less cocaine than the others despite him and the rest of us getting equal amounts of grey discs. And this pissed Nick off because it only meant one thing: Zoolander was stealing from the stash for himself.

So a point I didn't make earlier but since these was an abandoned apartment complex, we each had our own small one-room apartment that was monitored and loaded daily with food, but we were required to sleep there. So we all got up and shuffled into the apartment laundromat, with me being the second one in. Nick was already in and he had these... Tanks for liquid? With him? And he saw me looking at them and he gave me a smirk and said "You'll see." and it was the way he said it that I knew it wasn't meant for me, but it was meant for Zoolander.

So Kristoph comes in and he nods to Nick and then Zoolander comes in and he. Is. A. Wreck. His eyes are all popped out, his hair is all fuzzed up, he's twitchy, he's not doing so well, he's talking fast. He's been deliberately stealing from the stash and costing Nick money and risking all of our lives. So when Wicke came in we all began to work, but something was very off very soon.

"Hey, where's my load?"

Our days would begin with the dryer pre-loaded with bags of rocks we'd need to convert into cocaine, and it was up to us to sort them out and adjust temperature or whatever. Zoolander's dryer was empty.

That was when Nick and Kristoph went and shoved Zoolander into his own dryer, and this guy was screaming bloody murder. There was echoes and thudding and this guy was trying his hardest to fight back but he was crammed into his dryer, and Nick was yelling at Wicke to push the tanks over, so she did. Nick and Kristoph managed to shove Zoolander in completely before shutting the door on him and pressing the button to lock him in. Zoolander was screaming and punching the dryer with all he could until he was reduced to nervous laughter, saying stuff like "alright, alright, you had your fun!! Let me out, I got it, no more taking cookies from the jar!! Let me get back to work!! Uh, I'll work double!! No pay!! Come on, let me out!!"

Nick pulled the tank up to the top of the dryer and opened up this little thing where you're supposed to pour in the fabric softener or whatever normally?? And that was when I got a good look at it and I noticed the label.

It was sulfuric acid.

Nick poured the whole tank into it like some sort of cartoon and he shut the little thing and he started fiddling with the dryer's settings. Dry cycle, 70 minutes. No heat. Gentle. And then he pressed Start.

At first there was quiet, with the exception of Zoolander complaining about how the machine was going. But then came the confused cries of pain, followed by screaming. Confused screaming that escalated into burning aching howls, the thudding became more fervent and more frenzied, he kept screaming at the top of his lungs and we all just stood there frozen, unmoving, unable to do anything. Between breaths you could hear the acid burning him down, he was gasping and wheezing and choking on fumes and begging to be let out of the dryer, for the love of god, to please let him out of the dryer. Back and forth it rocked on Gentle, Nick having set that to the lowest setting so that Zoolander would suffer.

The screams were dying down after a couple of minutes, but then after a moment of silence from the dryer came this big, explosive scream that, to be honest? I think it might've made his lungs explode. It was this scream that encapsulated the realization that he was going to die and he was going to die like that. After that, there was no more screaming. There was only light thudding noises of what I assumed to be the chunks of body not yet having been broken down and the sound of sloshing liquid.

After that I think Nick told me something, but I woke up immediately after and I felt super nauseous. The dream played really hard on one of my most recently realized fears, the fear of dying a death that reduces you into a pile of nothing (such as falling into a wood chipper or, well, being dunked in pure acid) and it was so vivid and gross that I can't wrap my head around it. I think writing it out did me a lot of good, though. I finally have this trainwreck on paper (on screen?) so maybe now it'll leave my thoughts lmao

Oh don't even get me STARTED. I have weird dreams almost every night, but whether or not they're tellable as stories depends on how much of them I remember once I wake up. I've been using a chatroom of mine as a dream journal of sorts, so let me grab a favorite of mine.

Story is looooong. It'd be behind a spoiler if I knew this site's spoiler code, but alas, I don't.

So we were sneaking into some kind of hyper advanced animal shelter or whatever, I think to rescue our cats (it looked like an amalgamation of a high tech lab, an animal shelter, a museum and a school??), and me and the people I was sneaking in with were apparently Animorphs. I focused on one of the people's amusing floppy Pomeranian run for a bit before I went sneaking through things trying to find an animal to change into. I poked a picture of a leopard and all that happened was that I got lightheaded as dicks for a few minutes. This detail didn't come up again for the rest of the dream.

I ended up getting "busted" by the staff members, except they were completely understanding and willing to help me find my cats and bring them home. Along the way, I also found Cocoa, a grey cat I never really identified as any one I know, and a tiny black and white kitten I know I've never seen before, that had a little fluff of black fur on its head that looked like a pompadour. (I couldn't decide on a name for that one in the dream, but I came up with three- Elvis, Pam, or Yakuza.) We managed to rescue and drive away everyone except pompadour kitten, who was running around on the premises for a while. Before we found them, one of the staffmembers played a prank on me by projecting a shadow on the wall that looked vaguely like them. (I also spotted a mantis on the ceiling.)

We did eventually end up finding pompadour kitten, who let me pet them (but not on the cheek though, they didn't like that). I don't remember if we rescued her or not, though, because things got really weird right after I found her. After a bit of browsing on a Wii game wiki, which wasn't really relevant, we cut back to the place when things got WEIRD.

Day one- not really that weird yet. For one, it was inexplicably flooded (I didn't need any diving gear though). That was the only weird thing happening then; I didn't really see any undersea life.

Day two- not much had changed, except I found a bioluminescent red and blue creature storing a few things in its large head. I created a storage object mimicking the form of this creature, and stored a couple irrelevant objects inside it. Then, of course, its predator came along and ate the fake one, while taunting me through telepathy. I was very distressed, even though those objects weren't important to the main "quest" of the dream, finding my cats and a few extra friends.

Then day three came. Apparently, the entire shelter had been invaded and consumed by eldritch abominations, which the dream called "whale sharks" for some reason. I couldn't see much of their bodies, at least not on the big ones. The big ones were just masses of tentacles, some tipped with pointy, skull-like stingers, some not. (Or maybe they all had the tips. Only the ones I saw the ends of did, from what I could tell.) The "medium size" ones actually looked like whale sharks, but their tongues were replaced with three long, thorny red appendages with a round bauble at the end. Think Chatot's tail, but floppier, spikier, and red. The small ones were just sea urchins, except apparently they could stick to people and drain blood or something. I saw some guy in the water with like fifty of them stuck to him. My dream self identified him as Jeremy Wade, for some bizarre reason.

I didn't see any of the staffmembers, including the one I befriended, so I can assume they died or something. Oh, and another detail I forgot to mention- the whole place was walled in by glass walls now, and the monsters refused to cross those walls. I was standing on top of one. The last thing that happened was that I got the side of my body poked by an actual whale shark complaining about its damaged reputation. Then I woke up.