Tell me about your crazy dreams

Posted 15 days, 21 hours ago by iBrBz

We all have had crazy dreams that make literally no sense at all, but they make for a good story to tell! So, tell me about them!

But of course, if these dreams involve sensitive content/topics, please black it out. Make sure you black it out by using a black colored highlight and a black text color since people with dark TH themes (like Night) can still see your words if you only highlight it (or hide it all under a spoiler, that's easy and works for everyone)!

I guess I'll start it off with my own embarrassing dream that I still laugh about ahhh.....

When I was around 7 years old, my mom tried to get me to eat strawberries but they were too sour for me and I'm a wimp. Somehow, my subconscious translated that as "strawberries are evil" and so that night I had a dream about giant killer strawberries...

My family was on vacation and we were all in this one hotel when an invasion of giant strawberry monsters (which looked like this, but angry, and like 7-8 ft tall) came into the hotel. We all run to my aunt's room to warn her and when we got there a strawberry jumped out from under her bed and chased us out. We shut the door but then I realized that my sister was missing and she was stuck in the room with the strawberry monster. We reopened the door but my sister was eaten so we shut the door again and ran off.

Somehow we made it into the lobby and was cornered by a literal wave of strawberry monsters. I don't remember much after that... I do remember that when we got out, we all jumped into a convertible and drove off toward the sunset with a hoard of strawberry monsters following us.


so this one's p short, but was easily the most confusing experience of my life. 

so, I'm in a kitchen (not mine) and there's a table in front of me with a bowl of tomato soup on the counter. for some reason I picked up the fork (yes, a fork) and started to eat it (I hate tomato soup). and then, thomas the train's face just comes out of my soup. it just comes out. It was in my soup and it rose out?? then for a solid like, five minutes, I just looked at the face and it looked at me. then, it said something along the lines of "better wake up before you forget how to". and then I woke up, scared out of my mind, at the exact time my alarm would have rang had it not been a weekend.

so yeah, that's my thomas the train soup story thanks for reading