The Congrats/Positivity Board [ Aww yis! ]

Posted 1 year, 9 months ago (Edited 2 months, 26 days ago) by loveparody

Welcome to the positivity board. This opposites the complaints board in which you can post about all the happy and positive things that are happening with you!

Whether it's shouting about getting a rad art commission, getting your dream adopt/design, finding $20 on the sidewalk, or finding out you could actually eat only 1 chip out of the potato bag, this thread is for you.
Just put it here and talk to everyone about the good things in life! ♥
Feel free to make shout outs to people you are grateful to (as long as they're ok with it!) and be happy!

Rules may be added, changed, or removed without warning and at my discretion.
- If your post contains NSFW content or image links, please tag it and black it out: for example: NSFW (nudity/sex/genitalia/etc) black out text here with URL
- Have some gifs to share? You may use The Potpourri thread for that instead!
- This thread is all for the positive and happy things that happen to us. Stick to positivity and gratitude. Rants/Complaints need to stick to The Complaints Thread.

Shit. New Mercy is GOOD