LF 1x1/HC partner

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I am up for a 1x1 or some Headcanons!


SFW only (gore is okay), no mechas, no anthros, romance is alright, any genre but medieval and schools will do, world/society building is hella fun. Prefer paragraphs but can script.

About me
  • I'm on the EST timezone
  • I work generally 9 to 5 but my schedule fluctuates
  • My family likes doing things last minute but I will let you know if anything comes up
  • I usually post between immediately and 3 days. If it's been a week please annoy me 'cause I might have forgotten
  • I would love to chat with you and be friends! <3
  • RP comfort meme thing
  •  I like making new characters for each rp but if anyone under my recyclable tag tickles your fancy that's fine.
  • World building is fun, and I hope we can work on it together <3 (equal effort is key for me)
  • I think about a lot of random shit related to plots, characters, or interactions so be prepared for my shenanigans at 3 AM.
  • I prefer paragraphs but can script if we are busy. Paragraphs can range between 2 and 7. I expect you to at least write 1.
  • I can rp on TH and Discord. I can also do Skype but I'm trying to move everything over to Discord for convenience sake.
Will do
  • Tbh any genre is okay for me, the exceptions are medieval and school-based rps
  • I prefer action/adventure, fantasy, experiments, and near future.
  • Romance is a little tricky, I prefer it as a side thing, and not the central thing, and I like to take it slow, let them be friends first man
  • F/M and M/M preferred, F/F needs some convincing
  • Gore is fine by me
  • Mechas (cyborgs are fine)
  • Anthros
  • Smut
  • Medieval and school rps
  • I don't typically do fandoms because I lose interest rather quickly buuuuuut
    • oc x oc only
    • Katekyo Hitman Reborn (rewatching - in the mood for one)
      • I like making up new families and having them interact with one another
    • Blue Exorcist (completed the series forever ago so I might need a refresher)
    • Fairy Tail (currently in the process of watching)
Characters I feel like recycling now (does not necessarily mean these are the only OCs!)
  • Midas: a 32 year old red winged angel whose right wing is broken therefore he can't fly. But he's rich as hell so who cares.
  • Kassidy: a 20 year old who needs a brand new roleplay all together so she doesn't really have a story. Originally, she was the second oldest of four in a post-apocalypse. She's really hardheaded, protective, and loud.
  • Elijah: a closeted 26 year old gay. Originally he was in a gang and a drug addict. We can keep it or we can toss it, that's up for discussion.
  • Manny: 38 year old spaceship pilot who's actually using his piloting job to smuggle space drugs and shit.



Ah, sounds interesting. I'm fine with M/M or F/M and a bit of romance of course if it doesn't go overboard. Medieval is also not my cup of tea, so I agree with all of those terms and I've been looking to make new characters anyways. So yeah, I'd be interested, the only thing I'd prefer not to have is F/F and such. I think I'm generally good at creating plots and stuff, although I'm still practicing drawing humans as it is not my main thing to draw.


sounds fine with me c:

have any genre ideas you want to work with?

iBrBz Hmm, not too sure. What do you think? I suppose the genre I generally use would be fantasy, but I wouldn't mind anything (Well, except for medevial).


That sounds like a good idea, that way you wouldn't necessarily have to worry about humans all too much u wu (but they can still exist if you want one)

Want to continue this chat through PM c: ?

iBrBz Sounds good! And certainly. (If you're wondering why I respond so fast, its because I'm just looking at others characters for inspiration and all. Just in case you were wondering. nun)

Writing style, length, and views on school settings, fandom, and anthros were added!

Hello there, I would love to RP with you. We are identical when it comes to the "don'ts" so I am super interested. I am willing to make a new character for an RP too, if none of my babies fit. It's been very tricky for me to find RPs for some reason these days, it's usually because I don't do romance, schools or smut. I am very invested in world's, character and plot development. If you are interested please feel free to send me a PM, I shall respond with great enthusiasm. 

sounds good! sending you a message now <3

iBrBz Sounds fabulous! Ou<


Ah, this sounds like it would appeal to me! I'm quite a fan of making character from scrap and share the same views on recycling and your don'ts. I'd be super into world building and I'm fine with not doing F/F I'm a bit uncomfortable there too.


wonderful! I'll send you a message now c:


woops, your account is private so i can't message you ^^;;

are you able to message me?