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Since the oldest World directory I could find seems to have been abandoned, I'm making a new one!


The goal of this thread is to create a database of all active worlds on TH that are looking for new members to circumvent TH's lack of being able to search groups. This can be about any group at all, from RPing to fandom to selling commissions! I went through the entire Worlds section and added the active groups that were advertised, but if you don't want your world on here or would like it removed, don't hesitate to ask me!

Of course this list will always become larger as more worlds are added. If you'd like your world to be added to this list, feel free to comment below with a link to it and I'll add it to the right section <3



Worldbuilding and RPing worlds 

RP related

Roleplay School
Looking for Roleplay


Medieval/past setting/RPG

Cewyreph and Aioen Reef
Welcome to Outcastia
Variet, Home for the Gifted



Shoot For The Stage
Septimal Moon
London Event Crisis
Marvel High



The World's Magical End
Us Vs Them
The Valos
Zombie Apocalypse RP (anthro)
The Wasteland
Soul TV



Paranormal Activity
The Crossroads Complex
Feral Universe
Mermaid Cave
Clouder's Roost
Haven Cove
Teeth and Collars [Canines]



Love Knows No Bounds
Sensual Fragrance



Event and social worlds

Secret Santa 2016
RP Doodle Fest
OC art Pageant



Common interest worlds

Lacie's Garden [All female OCs]
Furz and Scalez [Anthros]
Part of the Story [Fan characters]
AU world
Kemonomimi world
The Skulk [Foxes]
Kemonomimi world 
Ferality [Ferals]



Original species worlds

The Search for a Greener Place



Fandom worlds

USS Enterprise [Star Trek]
Equestria [MLP]
Friendship is Ending [MLP]
FEA Roleplay hub [Fire Emblem]
The Gem Hearts [Steven Universe}
Zora's Domain [Legend of Zelda]
Mobius [Sonic the Hedgehog]



Art and design sale/trade worlds

Trade and Sell


Could you add my new rping world to the modern section?

though it is only for anthros and ferals.

I have this roleplay, it's still in development though: I'm not sure where it would go, it's a a feral animal (canine) adventure based.

Shineheart Added it!

@skelidae Are there any plans to make this world public anytime soon? Featuring a private world here would defeat the purpose ^^;

Oops, it's supposed to be public. Yeah.

@skelidae Alright, added it to the list under unspecified <:

hello, i'd really appreciate it if my world, mobius, could be added to this list! it's for characters of the sonic the hedgehog series!


I have a worldbuilding-ish type world?? I realized the place I made was way too big for me to populate so now I'm making it public! might add an rp forum later


exiide Added it to the list! 

profitamole I'll add it to the list, though I gotta know the setting of the world! Reading through the info I couldn't really find out if the world is in a past or a modern setting ^^;

Aa sorry! I think it counts as medieval!

Welcome to a galaxy far far away with many uncharted and diverse planets.

(The concept is to create a multi-authored grouping of planets and planet-hopping characters that all interconnect for fun travel destinations. Come and build a world within a world. Create species, characters, stories and most importantly interact! So it's definitely a sci-fi and rp kind of world with fun events!)

I'd be honored if you'd consider adding my world to your list.

It's a group for a (semi)closed species called Inkdrian, which are a subspecies of the in Sonic X S3 appearing Seedrians. Thus I am not sure if this should be in Closed Species or Fandom sobs

LordAcies Vagevuur I am currently revamping the list, so I will add these two to the new version once it is finished!

Also, I'll be adding the Inkdrians to original species <:


Thank you!