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When offering for ships, please show me who you are offering and for which of my characters. It'd also be nice if you already have an idea of how they could work out! If your character doesn't have information on their profile, please tell me about them! 

RP Comfort Meme

**All of my characters are monogamous and I would like for their partner to be so as well.**
**I'm okay with headcanoning only, and not RPing, but I would prefer to RP.**

There are a few situations that I've been wanting to try lately, including:
♥fake dating turning to something real♥
♥coworkers (for some reason, I haven't had a ship like this yet??)♥
♥friendly rivalry (specifically for my VALOR OCs, who are idols)♥
♥model x manager

Now onto the characters in question! If you'd like to know more about anyone, feel free to ask~

Actively Looking for Ships

 ♦Available for Ships

Kayliboo Forbidden relationships yes adjvbdljvb Feel free to PM me your Line/Skype/Discord, so we can discuss some more!

Aagh idk who to pick.

This nerd s needing lovehttps://toyhou.se/1279236.mocha please pm me I don't really check forums lol

Updated with a few scenarios I want to try!!

Hey! I saw your boy Jude and as funny as it is I have a boy named Julian (who goes by Jude at times lol) who I think might work out well with yours. I would LOVE to do the online dating idea for these two since they're both kinda quiet. Anyway, let me know if your interested and I'll message you with more info on Julian

JaxHaley Hello~ Ooo yeah, I'd be interested in doing the online dating scenario with Julian and Jude!

hi, I have a lot of charas I'd love to ship w/u or friendships even :D you can browse thru my charas!;w; the only ones that are taken are draco, touma, jun, and koa <3

AichiKun Hello~ Could you tell me a bit about Cushla and Nik?


Cushla I don't have much information yet except he's a werewolf :3 

he's still in development on story/background but Nik is going to be a fandom oc for cardfight vanguard 

I'm working on drawing him later xD if you'd like to add me on discord, feel free to ;w;

♡ keef ♡#5490

AichiKun I think I'll pass then! Thanks for the interest though~

JaxHaley Hey, I just wanted to check in real quick??

do you wanna turn edi and tristan's ship into a coworker situation?? hmm either edi could work where tris works, or tris could seek a part time job at edi's bakery to earn extra cash? like tris is in a situation that he needs the job so edi, being the nice empathetic guy he is on top of tris becoming a friend, recommends tris to his boss. or whatever lol - on this note, super sorry for the delay in communication. i totally forgot til recently that i was supposed to work on edi ugh (sent a msg on line)