I wanna talk about the world of DC, specifically about our characters in that universe. With Young Justice season three on its way, there's no better time to make, renovate, and discuss detective comic characters!

This is an interest check for a world. I'm also very excited to do a Discord chat, though you don't need to join both or be a part of either.

LMK if you think this sounds like a good idea!

I'd love to see your self-inserts, your canon x oc, your Atlanteans and Lanterns and Magicians from DC 

Ayyy, I'd be down for that.

clefvondanger the discord or the group or both? && thanks for the interest!!!!

Down for both, but mostly discord.


Omg I'd be so pumped to join either/or. I've been spamming a friend about all the updates for s3.
I've got all my DC babes here (most are canon/oc and I will take them with me to the grave) and my main oc has an AU specifically for YJ here but I am 100% going to make an Atlantean at some point because water is love and life. I would love to build up character relationships!

Houndour This is amazing news!!! Thank you for showing your interest!! Excuse me while I fall in love with all of your characters <3333333333 Thank you so much for posting. I'm very excited about a future where we mix our characters together!



im currently working on (between requests and commissions) a very new characters for the dc verse in general but i have a couple specific for teen titans! i just need to update some info and their refs thooooo hahaha

SF-A2 Welcome to the thread! I can't wait to see your new characters and any updated refs of your current TT OCs! 

clefvondanger and SF-A2 and Houndour :: Sorry for the wait! I didn't want to make a discord for just us four since it'd be kinda quiet LOL
How many people showing interest do you want to wait for?
I have the skeleton of the group already made so no worries on that aspect. ^^

I'm totally cool with starting a small group and expanding! I'm sure we'll all branch off and do out own little things after interacting but in a big discord we can discurss characters, worlds, etc which will give us the starting point we need! :3

Ayyyyy, I'm cool with a smaller group.

^^*same!!! sorry for the late reply :0