LF: RP/HC partners

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Hi! I'm looking for one or two people to talk about our OCs or roleplay with.

some info -

  • 20 y/o, USA EST time zone.
  • Mainly use Discord to communicate and docs/forum to roleplay.
  • I'm okay with any type of shipping. Please note a lot of my characters are nonbinary.
  • Most of my characters don't have set sexuality.
  • Open for any kind of relationships; doesn't have to be romance.
  • My roleplay comfort meme has more details about me! It's not necessary to read it.

You can find a full list of my characters here.

Some characters I'm looking for interactions with:

795379?1504210705Romance ✓ | NSFW Ask | Friendship
Can be shipped with: males, females, and others

 Jamie is a witch-in-training who loves pulling pranks more than studying. Nevertheless, she tries her best to become a respected witch.

>> Looking for a kemonomimi mentor figure or someone she can look up to. Also looking for fellow witches-in-training.

751287?1489759200Romance ✓ | NSFW ✓ | Friendship
Can be shipped with: males, females, and others

The beloved war weapon of a family of archers and bowsman. Sen served as a trusty weapon and companion for various masters spanning many generations. While kind-hearted and soft-spoken, he never hesitates to kill in order to protect his loved ones.

>> An armori. Needs a human (maybe kemono) owner. Preferably someone kind and/or shy that he can dot over.
You can find more about his species here: http://fav.me/dadtk2k

your characters are pretty~

Hello! All your characters are so lovely and I would definitely be interested in starting up a romance pair with you~ Some of the ones I'm interested in are Kanon, Sen, Fuwa, and Izar! Feel free to look through my characters cause I am not sure who to pair with who xD

Hi!! My names Chase. I'm 21 and also EST timezone. 

I use to roleplay a lot but it's been a few years, so I'm kind of rusty. I am flexible with format (paragraph, script, ect) ... would probably do it over discord tho? Also love just doing headcanon jams/worldbuilding stuff if that's more up your alley. I'm new so not all my characters are up yet either, but also would be cool with trying to make a new OC to fit a certain character dynamic. 

Story/theme/just stuff I like:

  • I really like fantasy settings. I've been into modern fantasies lately but high fantasy is also cool. Just magicy stuff in general.
  • Getting deep into a world's culture. 
  • Just real nice best friend stuff. 
  • Slow burn friends to lovers. 
  • Playing 20+ Questions about characters
If you're interested, send me a message and I'll give you my discord, otherwise, happy hunting for an rp partner!! :> 

Hello! ^_^ I'm definitely interested in an rp, mainly with Sen and maybe even Arie! My rp meme is here

Sen options; (kemono; can adjust her setting if necessary since she isn't fully done) Ro and I also have Dahlia Giselle (vauxen [avian type, kinda kemono] princess, runaway, ALWAYS IN TROUBLE, very nervous) 

Arie; Cass he has a thing for succubi