LF ships, RP, WBing...

Posted 11 days, 9 hours ago (Edited 17 hours, 59 minutes ago) by unohime

so a good RP buddy of mine has been swallowed up by life, so i am on the search for some more peeps to RP with. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ 

since i am new to TH forums in general, please do ignore any mistakes i make, ahhh;;; 

my name's uno, and i go by she/hers. welcome to my threaddd. 

all of my characters are open to interaction, and i am not beyond tweaking their info to better reflect whatever history/plot/world they could be RPed in. i am also open to all manner of relationships (familial, platonic, or romantic) and couples (M/F, F/F (greatly preferred), M/M, whatever floats your boat; even poly relationships) as long as it is agreed upon from the get-go. suggestive content is DEBATABLE, but a definite no if the opposing party is below the age of eighteen (for reference, i am twenty-four). you better come with solid proof you're 18+ if you wish to do more between our characters. 

please be aware i am not an artist. you should not be looking to RP with me (or pretty much anyone for that matter, especially artists) if you looking for free art of our characters together. 

speaking of characters, listed here are a few that i'd love to RP with. they're split to into different genres to get a better feel as to where they'd best be suitable. asterisks denote preferred coupling. 

  • modern || daphne (M/F or F/F*)
  • fantasy || kai (M/M only); minoru (M/F or M/M*); saika (M/F or F/F*); dai (kiun (closed species); any coupling, preferably other kiuns)
  • fandom || dante (pokemon; M/M only); nolana (pokemon; M/F or F/F*) 

i'll also include that RP comfort meme thing for those interested.

 while i am totally open to discussing things, it's easier to come with a plot idea and/or character from my collection who you are interested in interacting with. we can go from there, and hopefully come out with something that is entertaining for both of us~ i have no preference either to which platform we use to RP, but i am open to dA notes, email, google docs, or discord. if you have a preference, please feel free to mention, but i will default to discord since it is easier and quicker to communicate. you can also hmu on discord to discuss plots as well, but please mention you'd like my username in your message/reply and state you're from TH! ahhh, i hoped i covered all bases with this? if not, please feel free to ask questions! nevertheless, thanks for taking a look, and hoping to RP with any of you soon!




i'd love to rp with you if you wouldn't mind ^o^  if u want, u can add me on discord using egg#3011 !!

sure thing! i'll send a friend request to you in a moment, and feel free to message me whenever! if not, i'm a little busy right now, but i should be able to get to you later on tonight~

I'd be down to rp with you if you'd like, my discord is MatryoshkaREN#1919

sure thing! i'll toss you a friend invite in a moment!