Syun's Trade and Resells: Various designs

Posted 7 months, 9 days ago (Edited 2 days, 14 hours ago) by Syunthia

If you're looking for a trade, do note that I am quite picky, sorry.
You can see designers I like here!

You can comment or pm offers!
If yours is more expensive, I'll gladly throw in my arts as extra if you'd like.

For trades, I accept designs, art and vouchers.
Haggling is okay!

Free Kids

All gone, thank you!

Trade and Resells

$5 and below
(I'll probably be willing to give away kids that are $2 and below, just ask!)




$10 and below



$20 and below



Trading only


Current Design for sale

None atm.

New child added into trades

would you be willing to give away? ;;v;; (she's so cute aaaa) 

yuqi-dere May I ask what you'll be using her for before I consider giving her to you? c:

Syunthia I'll be giving her a role in a small story I'm writing ;u; (I'll also pair her up with one of my kenomimi OCs :3)

yuqi-dere okie! Good to know that she's got plans for her c: sure I'll give her to you~

Syunthia tysm! :3