PURGE: Considering ALL Offers - LF: Designs

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UPDATED: 09/12/2017

I am going through a purge of my OCs, old and new. Some designs aren't clicking and some designs I feel like I can get something I connect with more with a little searching or trading.  Everything is on the table.

 Due to the nature of this thread, all designs are tentative, please do not take offense if I decline. Only offer designs, no art or money at this time.


ALWAYS interested in fae, woodland creatures, and faerie designs 




*Astronym designs

*SunnyCove designs

*Terra designs


Right now I am looking for some cute teenage boys who could play some roles in my magical academy. They don't necessarily have to look magical in any way but it's a big bonus! 

Looking for magical boys/pretty and non-binary boys (mid teens, pretty, make-up maybe)

designs I like include humanoid with normal or modern day attire but a supernatural twist, werewolves, vampires, and occult for example

I like earthy colors like green and brown (I'm a big fan of more inspired designs or faun inspired)

 jewel tones like dark purple or dark turquoise, anything with stars or gold accents really appeal to me






(I deleted that bulletin and instead put the post in the forums, but your comment still went through! Sorry for the confusion!)

I would definitely be willing to consider your offer on Rio for one of your cute chibis, let me just see if he gets any more offers tonight and tomorrow and I will message/ping you back if not!

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oop i just saw this!

that's okay! i wasn't sure if you were still working on your trade post or something omg. thank you for considering~ nvn/

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Heyyy! Both URLs to the Trade/Sale(s) are the same! Are they supposed to be that way? :o If they are, I'm sorry I just got confused a tad bit. >v<

ooo was interested in him-- http://toyhou.se/627870.slimeboy-11-trade-

my trades


@yoshie No they were supposed to be different links! I fixed it now, thank you so much for pointing it out~

lmpy would you be willing to part with Matthias here: http://toyhou.se/533525.matthias ?

yeah sure

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