PURGE: Considering ALL Offers - LF: Designs

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UPDATED: 09/12/2017

I am going through a purge of my OCs, old and new. Some designs aren't clicking and some designs I feel like I can get something I connect with more with a little searching or trading.  Everything is on the table.

 Due to the nature of this thread, all designs are tentative, please do not take offense if I decline. Only offer designs, no art or money at this time.


ALWAYS interested in fae, woodland creatures, and faerie designs 




*Astronym designs

*SunnyCove designs

*Terra designs


Right now I am looking for some cute teenage boys who could play some roles in my magical academy. They don't necessarily have to look magical in any way but it's a big bonus! 

Looking for magical boys/pretty and non-binary boys (mid teens, pretty, make-up maybe)

designs I like include humanoid with normal or modern day attire but a supernatural twist, werewolves, vampires, and occult for example

I like earthy colors like green and brown (I'm a big fan of more inspired designs or faun inspired)

 jewel tones like dark purple or dark turquoise, anything with stars or gold accents really appeal to me





Alright, thought I'd offer. ^_^ Thank you~

Hello! would either/both of these boys be of interest? https://sta.sh/213kl0q92tjv?edit=1

HeebieJeebiess They are cute but not characters I think will fit in my stories, I'm sorry.

Does anybody from this tag interest you for the Czylph slot?

vvingblade All those characters are lovely, but not ones I can see fitting into my stories at this time. 

I don't have a lot of the stuff on your list but I think some of them might fit? Take a look: 

UFT/Sale folder

Tentative Tag

My Design Thread

I looove your gemsun and yevren (marshmallow and sorin) but either way ty for looking!

Man, Xelius is a babe ;A;  I've got a friend who's interested in him but doesn't have anything to offer so I'm offering for him if that's ok!

I've got a chickasaw I can offer here http://toyhou.se/331159.chickasaw-trade
As well as anyone who might catch your interest here http://toyhou.se/coffeebean/characters/folder:144686

coffeebean hmm, tha k you for the offer, but I'm going to have to pass, their design doesn't quite fit into my stories aesthetics.

Infinipede I'm going tobhave to decline at this time. Nothing is catching my eye.

SkeleTelestic not quite what I was looking for, but thnk you for offering. I apologize for the delay in response.

ChosenUndeaad I'm sorry for the delay, I was thinking hard on this offer. Those designs aren't quite ones I can find myself using in my stories, unfortunately. Thank you so much for your offer, nonetheless. 

np, thanks for taking the time to look!

It's okay! Thank you anyway for thinking about it :>