LF: ghostwrassler, grilled-cockroach, and 3-ways

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Helloooo! I'm always on the lookout for more characters so I made a thread to keep track of Sales, Trades and such! Tried to make this page look a lil less messy so i've put all of the info in the stash link below! Sometimes I take a long time to respond and i'm rlly sorry in advance! i'm not ignoring you, i'm thinking about offers!


What I'm Looking For


And these are the ones available for trade

Three-way-trades are available!


My Deviantart Folders and Toyhouse Favourites update a LOT, so be sure to check back now and then to see what I'd like!

NEW!!: Seeking help for getting Aurick from HERE!

NEW!!: Seeking help for getting Esme from HERE!

NEW!!: Seeking help for getting Eu from HERE!

NEW!!: Seeking help for getting Minkui from HERE!

NEW!!: Seeking help for getting Trade

For Lydia and the Terra, I am ONLY looking for things from either my Dream Folder, The Love These Folder, or for the Three-Ways. CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR KNIGHT OR ROBOT CHARACTERS!

My other two Trade/Sale posts: Here and Here!

I saw this http://toyhou.se/1295921.tbn in your favorites cx

So im wondering if you'd like to buy her? (well I can only accept vouchers since I got her in a trade cx ) 

She was 100$ but can do 85$ ^^


I'll have to decline! I don't really do the whole voucher thing qvq thank you very much for offering, though!

This dude just went up for sale http://toyhou.se/741041.elaro-20#2691559

clockrobber I'll pass, but thank you for the offer!

I'm VERY interested in Denju! that design, oh man, i love it

I uh, don't have a ton of HQ designs ;; but if you'd like to look through here: http://toyhou.se/Infinipede/characters/folder:42682 and the tentative tag

also if any of the people you want 3-way trades from are interested in art, I'd be willing to do that. Examples here.

Infinipede I believe one of them is interested in art! its Eu.

i'm also looking at Rue, but i'll need time to think! thank you for your interest!

I have this kariosa-adopt http://toyhou.se/677648.birb that is definitely knight-like if they interest you! (I would be interested in trading for Vivienna or Sirene :D )


thank you for the offer! i'll pass for now.