Trading Characters

Posted 5 months, 6 days ago (Edited 1 month, 3 days ago) by QuakeArts

Hey guys~
I have these guys up for trade or sale~
I'll look at $$, characters or Art offers (by you or another artist)
Marked prices are negotiable and I will consider trading a priced one instead if the offer interests me. (so feel free to offer anything!)
Characters marked with trade can only be traded due to rules set by creators/previous  owners I have these and I liked your blue haired neko guy (The trade/25$)

I reallly love this character here;

would you  be interested in any  of these characters (more then one if thats what  it takes) ;

feel free to  look in super hard folder as well!;

I'm interested in this cutie: 

Would you be willing to consider trading them for a chibi? (Examples here: