T: MYO Dreamy | LF: Trade or MYO slot

Posted 3 months, 16 days ago (Edited 8 days, 18 hours ago) by Armota

Looking for dreamys of any sort really and myo slots// I really want one with the fluff tail mutation/horn and im willing to offer pixel art on top of it if your interested!

in general looking for dreamys with a lot of tail puffs!!

Can be tempted by other trades like other jotaku adopts but im mainly looking for a swap! I have no interest in other kodirge species; if I dont love the character your trading i will not accept, i want to give them a forever home in my stories <3

Not looking for art / custom / voucher / money

Please only offer characters you are willing to trade and are available!






 Please comment or PM to offer!
I prefer comments!

Armota <3333 I will omg thank you!! ahh I'm so happytyysm <3


I believe he was yours once, but does he interest you?

AscheRune aa i dont have anymore attachment for characters ive already traded away (although i am glad to see people using my edit), so ill have to pass! Im sorry!! Thank you for the offer though!

Thank you for taking a look!

I could offer this sphaerra 


Tiffyismee they are really cool (love the hand!) but i dont know if I could give them a good home since i wouldnt have a place for them so ill have to say no for now// thank you for the offer!