Lf: Lacies T: Qwaris, Lovelene, Polka-Pot, CS

Posted 1 month, 11 days ago (Edited 18 hours, 15 minutes ago) by Creepy-Kerra

Reusing old thread  

So I want to cut down on the amount of characters I have that I'm not really using anymore or not connecting to. Link to all that is for trade here

Please do NOT offer on characters outside of the tag. There's quite a few characters I'm still connected to or debating if I really want to let them go, which is why I made a tag just for this.

I'm some what tentative on the lovelenes and the linehearts, so keep that in mind.

What I'm looking for:

I really like lacies (both niaro made and myos) and Venias by kaiet/chie. I'm now only looking for lacies and venias--

Art (Couple, pixel, chibi, anything. Just a heads up though, I have both anthros and kemonomimis so make sure you're ok with that!)

Comment or pm to offer!

*sparkle sparkle* any cuties in here interest you? ^^


Heather sorry, I'm only looking for other dreamies///

Creepy-Kerra okay, gl with your search hun. ^^

This is a longshot and I understand if you're not interested, but I can offer mine?

@NeonMace sorry, I don't think I could work with their palette///

edited the thread a bit and changed it to swap/trade instead.

I would be willing to swap this babe for them?


Or possibly her:


Tiffyismee They're pretty but I don't think I'd use them, sorry//

I can offer this gal? http://toyhou.se/1098475.013-lana

I can offer this lacie ~



Or maybe this catfish?


Marie Her colours are pretty but I'll pass//

Seraphy-chan That lacie's really cute but I don't think I'd use him much, so I'll pass.

I have this dreamy http://toyhou.se/1090697.jun-li ;o;

mufifins They'll pretty though I don't think they'd fit in my story, so I'll pass//

I can offer one of these eerays for the dreamy: