Lf: Lacies, Venias, Art T: LH, Lovelene, CS, etc

Posted 1 month, 9 days ago (Edited 2 days, 46 minutes ago) by Creepy-Kerra

Reusing old thread  

So I want to cut down on the amount of characters I have that I'm not really using anymore or not connecting to. Link to all that is for trade here

Please do NOT offer on characters outside of the tag. There's quite a few characters I'm still connected to or debating if I really want to let them go, which is why I made a tag just for this.

I'm some what tentative on the lovelenes and the linehearts, so keep that in mind.

What I'm looking for:

I really like lacies (both niaro made and myos) and Venias by kaiet/chie. I'm now only looking for lacies and venias--

Art (Couple, pixel, chibi, anything. Just a heads up though, I have both anthros and kemonomimis so make sure you're ok with that!)

Comment or pm to offer!

Hello! I'm very interested in this cutie: http://toyhou.se/181243.kokoa 

Here are my examples: http://sta.sh/220hfe6sctv7 http://sta.sh/2h29yuionjj 

I can offer two chibis, or a chibi and a halfbody, or one fullbody. :3 

WeeverWolf I'll pass on the offer//

Alright~ Thanks anyway and good luck finding homes for everyone! 

I'd be interested in this character: http://toyhou.se/86124.asa

In exchange for art! My gallery: https://arcane-alchymist.deviantart.com/gallery/

Would you accept art for either/both of these? :0
Edit: whoops! I forgot my examples ;v;
Here are some samples of what I can do!

arcane-alchymist / HeebieJeebiess I'll pass on the offer//

chizuny AHhh you're art's so pretty// do you have a specific amount you'd offer for both?

it depends on  how much you value them in money matter! ;w; like "i value them 30 bucks""ok so idd offer X and X and X"

chizuny Ah, I value them at 35 bucks in total!

then i can offer or a single painting wich is worth 40$, 4  pixel icons 10$ each , 7 chibis wich are 5$ each ;;

chizuny I'll go with the single painting! Is this character ok for you to draw (I can also send the ref with a less obnoxious watermark through pm if needed)

ohh i have seen this dreamy  before! ^^ its super cute! please pm me with what exatly you want in the drawing!

Ahhh http://toyhou.se/55617.velvet is beautiful. I'm not sure any of my up for trades would interest you but if they do by all means! If not I would draw for him whatever amount you deem worth of'm. I mostly draw humans but I've been dabbling into anthros so I'm pretty flexible! https://toyhou.se/lulubelleluna/characters