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Posted 21 days, 14 hours ago (Edited 4 days, 9 hours ago) by Atsuko

Hi guys ! :D

Hope they'll find a home because I can't use them as I would ;A; and I need money !

For the trade ones : Art>Character> Other ?

Here's the folder : https://toyhou.se/Atsuko/characters/folder:57718

[EDIT] I'm NOT looking for ferals or anthro characters sorry ;u;/

For the characters I'm looking mainly for ones designed by : https://happyadoptschan.deviantart.com/

Ah I see, good luck finding homes for them! : )

Thank you ^^

I like Momoe! Does anyone on my TH interest you, excluding those in Mains and NFT?

Nyrissa no sorry I'm not a fan of ferals oc :C

I've edited for the characters I'm looking for :3

Hi I'm interested in https://toyhou.se/748653.70

would you consider a swap? I have this one: https://toyhou.se/1282091.tba
I can also offer art as an add on; example: https://avelix.deviantart.com/art/Salem-702037847 

I do see it's a resell though, so if you like my swap offer, mine is worth $35 I believe, I could pay the difference, but I could only do a payment plan for it ;w;

Avelix : Aaah I'm sorry I'm only considering money for him ;-;

Hey! I really like https://toyhou.se/564011.trade-15/gallery

these are the characters I have!

I'm willing to trade characters up to $25!
Willing to do multiple characters if you're looking at the lower priced ones! :D

GetintheCab sorry I'm only looking for humanoids (no anthro)  ;u; 

GetintheCab my bad but still not interested :c