Purging Ocs, LF A lot!

Posted 12 days, 7 hours ago (Edited 10 days, 13 hours ago) by Reigen

Here are the characters for offer.  Heres what I will potentially accept:

Here is a good reference for what I like! Do not offer me things you are not willing to part with. If it's not fair to you than don't offer it.

Amazon List 1
Amazon List 2
Steam Wish List
1 item always = At least 1 Character (the higher the price, the more characters you get)

I will need at least a wip in a month. State clearly how much you are willing to draw for a character(s). These are the characters I want drawn. Please let me know which character you would like to draw.
I also recently got a bookling myo slot as well as a gleamstic slot that I want drawn! So please let me know if you are interested in drawing it!

If they have a price, they have a price. If they don't, you can ask and I'll figure it out. I will only charge the original adopt price.

Think you owe me art but can't remember for who or what? Check my trello!


Would a thigh up and a bust work for you? :o And if so, who would you prefer to draw?

Reigen yeah that would totally work for malex!! and hmm I'm not sure, maybe you could show me the characters you want art of the most and I can choose from them?

Reigen I'd just like the girl then please!

Here is a list of the ones I want drawn:

Reigen Okey dokey! I'll try to finish asap but I have testing next week so there might be a small delay I'm fine with you noting me for wips though <33

Reigen Howdy! I was looking at your OCs and was wondering how much you'd want for this cutie:


He would be 10$!

Reigen That's perfect! Would cash be alright or would you prefer a Steam game of that value?


Payment has been sent! <3

I'm interested in Luke, Echo, and Fog qoq I'd be offering art! You've worked with me before-- I have some newer samples on my dA though. http://vanillastarburst.deviantart.com I'm happy to offer whatever styles you like best. I know that's kinda vague but aldkkf

Ah!! Yeah yeah! I'd love to get art from you again! * v * Would you be possibly willing to make two of my myo slots(one from this species and the other from this) and than a picture of this girl? :o

How much would Valentine cost to buy? ; o ; 


She would be 25! ovo

Yes, I'd be happy to! Note me so we can work out details and such? ;v;