Bump limit on PSA threads

Posted 10 days, 7 hours ago (Edited 10 days, 7 hours ago) by delquaza

I've noticed that some of the PSA threads are "too old" to be bumped.
On other topics, that's fine! But on the service review topics, I feel as if that's going to ultimately hinder the PSAs?
unfortunately, a lot of people rarely if ever check the service reviews section for some reason - thus, a PSA being the "most recent" in a section is about the only way a lot of people are going to see it.
But having it limited to a month for bumps if no comments have been made on it will ultimately just hinder them, imo, especially with the new rules against replying to PSAs without anything that adds onto it. Such a rule will prevent most from replying for the sake of making a topic bumpable - which is what has to happen for threads with no reply within a month - in fear that they'll get in trouble for it.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense, I have a hard time wording things correctly.

I agree to this. I rarely am around in the design part of the forums but this is a good suggestion! ...and how ironic that I wanted to bump this thread but was told it's too old to be bumped...