thumbnails not loading

Posted 8 days, 23 hours ago by snufkin

hellooo idk if this has been brought up before but i occasionally run into this issue where i click on the thumbnail of an image in (someone else's OC's) gallery and no image loads, instead it shows the little file icon in the corner. i dont think this is a mature content filter. the image just doesnt wanna pop up and behaves as if there just wasnt one

Ah dang, I ran across this yesterday. Thought it was my internet acting up. I wish I remembered which character it was. :,D 

Pepperly aaaa i thought the same initially tbh? but it keeps happening to me and it's weird :C i cant do gift arts

This one isn't working for me (sorry for linking a character that's not mine)

Edit +1 :


this happened with one of my characters and occurs particularly often with watermarked images, in my experience! i don't remember exactly what i did to fix it and don't have an affected character that i can run tests on to corroborate that pattern at the moment, so i'm not sure if force regenerating the watermarked image is a solution... @[email protected]

edit: yep, i toggled on default (center) watermark for one of my characters and it demolished their watermarked fullsize

double edit for maximum information: 

the type of default generated watermark doesn't matter (same effect)—i unfortunately can't test it with premium watermarks

requesting the watermarked image got the message "AccessDeniedAccess Denied1D32356DFB440987zxfGFoJX6+pzvhqURNzLl9sR6rKfgZ26Vu7uY7bLK5xJ+OVlVLifU1KdSpXmYCo/JlozuXI2vwM="

triple edit because wow i hate iPads:

if you're the owner, force regenerating the watermarked image should be a temporary fix!

Pepperly Pom i cant see those images linked at all :0 this is so beyond me omg

Hopefully if enough people link effected characters, someone can bugtest the main issue!

"force regenerating is a temp fic" is all well and good but ... as far as I know this doesn't effect my own and I can't force regen others' characters :,D


oh basically it's a problem with watermarked fullsize images i think...unfortunately there's no makeshift fix from the viewer's end but it can be fixed by the character owner via force regenerating the image ; w;

Pepperly yeah i...realized that a bit after going to post pff got a bit hasty!