★ ★ Free HTML Templates & Resources ★

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HTML Freebies

Below are HTML templates which will work for all users. These templates free to use- rules are in the coding document.
This post is currently under construction! Eventually it will have have more template options & coding snippets

Note that these layouts will change to match all themes. For user profiles, I took screenshots in a random theme, but the layout will work with any theme!

User & Character Profiles

These layouts are purposely simple so that they are easy to utilize for all users.
More detailed layouts can be found at my coding shop !

If you find my free templates useful, tips are always appreciated!

Bootstrap Cheat Sheets

Small, quick guides to various bootstrap classes. If people find these useful, I may make some more!

Images Cheat Sheet HTML Tables Cheat Sheet

Forum Posts

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Live samples can be seen by clicking the button above; coding can be found in the table below

Generic Commission Misc
Roleplay - Thirds

it's probably going to take forever for me to get it set up (and decide if I picked the right one!), but as of right now, I'm (working on OTL) using divider c: tysm for this resource!!

i'm not sure how to use these ??

thank you for making these 'v' / Im using Columns for my profile and once I post my characters Im planning to use lines!

Thank you so much for making these! \ o /

I'm using a bunch of your layouts for all of my characters and as for my profile! 'o'