Toyhouse Beta Coding Snippets!

Posted 2 months, 28 days ago (Edited 2 months, 26 days ago) by Starlipop

★ Welcome!

Apparently forums have limits in characters now, you may find the full post here or in the replies!
New snippets will also be uploaded here!

Ah omfg thank you!

This is going to be fun to code 

feather--weather Glad to help! Let me know if the scrollbars don't work, I hope you have fun decorating! + w +) !!

What is the css to make the "Recent Images" title hide? 

I tried 

.profile-recent-images {display:none!important;}

and several other reworded versions, but no luck -_-
(I'm just over here guessing... I have a very loose grasp of how this stuff works)

Edit* Just noticed I posted this on my second acct which does not have premium, but my main, where I am trying to use this, does.

Fehn This is a general forum post for code snippets to help users create their own layouts with the new Toyhouse, you will get a much faster response if you post personal coding questions as a new post within the HTML/CSS & Graphics Forums! There's lots of helpful coders who check for new questions ^ O ^)/

Does this hide the "Recent Images" header for you though? .profile-gallery-title {
    display: none!important;

Ah, sorry about that! Thank you for answering though! And yes, it does hide it :) Didn't quite think it through though- hiding it means I lose my "more images" button xD

Fehn Oh, I misinterpreted your question @ _ @) !!

Try this, it should target the header only (and not the button)! You will need to move the button though since it will be floating to the right x)

.profile-gallery-title h2 {
   display: none!important;

Oh no, that was my fault! I totally forgot about the button. Got it though, thank you so much!!

Is there a way to resize cards/panels? I'm trying to define a width and nothing's happening ; 3;

Never mind! I figured it out ❤

Uploaded some CSS notes I made while working on a layout! Also found a better way to do scrollboxes which you can find here~

The profile custom I had got cancelled and I had bought a Premium already, so I updated one of cy's free layouts with permission!