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Posted 2 months, 22 days ago (Edited 4 days, 18 hours ago) by Hukiolukio

All of the profiles have a version that changes based on what theme the user has selected and a version which you can choose the colors of. Feel free to use them and edit them however you like, just don't remove the credit (Though, you are free to change the placement of the credit.) Please tell me if you use one, have a problem with any of them, or have any ideas for profile templates you'd like me to make. I'll also be glad to create an edit of any profile I've already made to more suit what you want. (Seriously, please give me more things to do with my boring life ;'D)

7/16/17: added stacked and blocked profiles to the list

7/17/17: edited every profile to have justified paragraphs, added boxed profile

7/18/17: changed the header lines in stacked profile to be more flat

8/13/17: created a custom color version of the colorful and simple profiles

9/9/17: created custom color version for the rest of the profiles

9/13/17: added sliced, striped, and paragraphs profile to the list

9/17/17: justified a paragraph that I missed in stacked profile and also changed the default image for same profile

Using blocked on one of my OC, planning to use it on another OC in future. I think I mess the proportion up a bit with my gigantic text wall of backstory/history but it's perfect for stretching the friend/connection part because this second OC will have like, thirty other OCs in her connections. :'D

Thank you very much for your effort in making these and for sharing! c:

HI!! might use some profiles n mostly interested in blocked!! uploaded them to my testing account (u mightve gotten notifs from it)

Using the boxed profile for one of my OCs ^^ thanks for sharing!

Definitely using these, thank you so much they are amazing !! <3

I use the document one here ! juste here

Using the Document Profile
It's Perfect