Show Off Your Newest Character Art!

Posted 1 year, 5 months ago (Edited 2 months, 28 days ago) by Elissinia

HI GUYS!! We need some more positivity up in here so I figured this might be a cute idea for a thread. Get a new commission or some gift art that you want to show off? Post here so everyone can gush with you! Of course it doesn't have to be your newest comm -- it could just be a piece of art you enjoy despite having gotten it ages ago -- but whatever! Post art here!

Please consider linking to/pinging the artist so that everyone else can admire their art, too. I'll start us off in the next post!


Someone randomly smacked me with this on my request thread on Gaiaonline--it was with an obvious dummy account so I couldn't even properly thank the artist. While I love the recent versions I've done in my own styles, this was the first I'd received for this character that took my break away.   

aaaa look at this babe

Got a new headshot for Varendel <3 waiting on his fullbody now!

I'm still dead I love this artist so much 

I'm kinda proud of this one (warning:: naked booty)

the ref was from a company  that only makes suits for women....and their advertisement brought years back to my life. my skin is clearer. I can dream again.


This pic looks so cool ♥

just did this for her backstory :3c