Your character profiles

Posted 8 months, 30 days ago (Edited 2 months, 28 days ago) by Heartless

Whenever you get new art of your characters, people who follow you are notified when you upload it and everyone can see. But when you write new content on your character profile, there's really no way to share that with your followers other than if you wanted to make a bulletin about it. So post here to show off your work on your character profiles! Whether you just finished an entire profile, or updated it with a new section or revised content, or maybe just changed the layout. If you want to share a profile that has character content on it or talk about an update you made to it, post about it here!

And if you decide to take a peek through other people's profiles, please do not ping them/post about it on this board. Try leaving them a comment or dropping them a PM, or just give them a favorite if you're too shy to say anything, I'm sure they'd appreciate it 'u'/

That's really it! A simple concept, I hope you all share you profile work, I would love to see it and I'm sure others would as well!

Finish creating my first oc profile. Just need to add reference and tweak a bit.

Marcie's profile has been fixed up now along with her new links as well~

This little guys information is complete! but I'm currently working on the backstory! 

And now Mark's profile and links have been fixed up too~

Bootstrap makes everything look so nice!? I keep making/adapting profiles and yelllls they look so good

Changed Smiley's voice to a more fitting one (or more gave him the voice of one of my favorite characters). Also fixed the "biodegradable bags" to the correct name - recyclable tote bags. Hate those things.

Can't go ic bc mobile, but I've been working on a lot! She had so much info to where I had to switch templates and do more coding and such, but she's definitely gained a lot of info since I was last in here ^^

Added a bunch of content to Ara's profile, starting talking a little bit about her past and personality, she's slowly being developed :)

Didn't have to do much with his profile since I wrote his semi-recently, but all his new links are filled out now.