Show me your killers!

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Okay, so this is my first time making a thread, if I mess anything up, let me know ;7;

But anyway, I want to see your little murderers, serial killers, assassins, and yanderes!~ I have a weakness for these kinds of characters, show 'em off to me!

Isma'il is a killer. He mostly does hits for money, but he has also killed for revenge and out of rage.

He's my one and only yandere boi :'3c

[Can't use IPC for I'm on Mobile plus got few Killer/Murderer/Sadistic/Yanderes...BT Also all my Oc profile have yet to be completed or may never will be. Except maybe Crystalline.]

Crystalline is my living doll or ghost possessing a doll. She's actually a CreepyPasta oc I made for and will be my eternal favorite... Bit creepy cuz mask but her story have a reason for all this plus her story. Tho also creepy cuz of her being living doll and look like one even if so... Porcelain or. Ball-Joint Doll. Although she became a murdererous hostess for maybe good reason. Cuz it's a promise to parent.

Prism is once Crystalline target now her servant that seek and destroy plus errand man. He became murderer/killer after his house was invasion then went into full blood thirsty revenge. So never regret murdering them after finding who they were and full story why they invade his own home.

Mephisto is a corrupted/dark sadistic wizard and Magician. He's recently made today thus already establish him for this for can't find nice design fit this one story and finish his profile later. Though he was once pure and believe in justice but fell into corruption cuz of Crystalline. For heartbreaking truth and the 'incident' between the two thus slowly become corrupted and turning Yandere only for her... 

Zyrconic is also sadistic hunter and pet of Crystalline. Enjoy torturing those unfortunate soul just for his precious mistress to notice his hard work and hope she praise him a lot. Be us Crystalline is hard to please.

Luthic is my most murderous character. She's a monotone emotionless underground fighter with at least 4 years of blood on her hands. In her story she is trying to kill her "co-workers" and protect the underground fighting system. Her mask is actually supposed to be pure white but it has a light red stain due to a mix of her and others blood!

It's possible I've posted them before but have A'Kesh, the Executioner in The Inquisition. In charge of killing all of the Vlada's opponents!

my boi matt, an assassin of course~ hes excellent with his knives but his preferred method is that of a honeypot assassin, finishing the job with poison. dont let that get in the way of chatting with him though. after all, it is just a job.

Tyrs current occupation is basically serial killer, he kills for food but also for the fun of it~

she kills everything she deems impure, so mostly men and witches, all in the name of her twisted sense of religion :3c

i dont have a background or story for him but hes probably gonna end up being a killer sooooooo

Katze is an assitant by day and assassin by night. For someone with bright hair, he has an abnormal power of blending in and going by unnoticed. 

For me I think it's quicker to point out the ones who haven't killed people, but the worst and most actively malicious of the bunch is probably Arsene. He's a big fat yandere who poisoned the world's water supply to try and massacre the human race. He hasn't done too much after that episode though, just keeps to himself, sulking.

adore drowns the men he seduces. i'm also debating nika being a killer.

she kills everyone in the end oops

oh jeez i have quite a few >>;

jaak is a cannibal so that kinda entails why and how much they kill LOL
aseph is a raider in his universe so he loves to kill stuff
nadezyia is an old fart that's had to kill in order to stay alive before, but she feels indifferent to it in general

this is just a couple of them, and i dont have all of my characters on th oop