Show me your winged children!

Posted 5 months, 19 days ago (Edited 4 months, 3 days ago) by Niidles

I love winged characters, I'm kinda surprised at myself that I have none. But I'd love to see all of yours!

(Also I'd rather you posted all the children you want to share in one comment rather than a bunch of in character comments! This prevents my inbox from getting a lot of spam and makes it easier for me to see more cute children on one page rather than having to click through~ thank you<3)

Izzy has wings. But they are not fully grown yet so he can't really fly right now

Crispin is my only one so far. I'd like to maybe have more though, I like winged character. 

Raphael is my only winged beauty thus far. I really love avian characters because of how useful and unique they are! <3

Ya girl, Vanis. She's a runaway faye.

i have Many Winged Children actually but i'll just drop blue here since he has four!

Wings are really time-consuming for me to draw, so I only have one child with wings- and she has SO MANY;; Plesithea's a 6-winged celestial being =<=

lil demon wings

charlie has wings but she hates using em 

I had so many but now it's only Lucifer cause I hate drawing wings lmao

i dont have a real ref but i love this overblown detective :3

My fursona~ She has light magic and can fly!

Rishima has wings, but I still need to write something up for her.

My baby boy !

Cardinal birb :B

birb girl