Show me your short male characters

Posted 4 months, 24 days ago (Edited 4 months, 18 days ago) by Caine

I'm a very short adult man myself so I'm always appreciating short male characters (especially if they're adults), but they're kind of rare in fiction! And when they are there, they're usually made into some sort of joke. 
So show me your short boys so I can love them 👀

Jack is around 5'0 exactly. Short but cute. And his personality makes up for it of course lol

He's v short

Xel's just shy of reaching 5 feet, and he only grows like maybe an inch or so more when he gets older... just enough so he can see over the bar counter a little more easily without having to fly. Doesn't help that he hangs out with a centaur who's like 9 feet tall and has a huge draft horse lower half, so Xel seems even tinier. ^^;

Westbrook is about 4'10" and he's a grown man in his 30s. He doesn't see why it should be an issue: he's short, so what? It doesn't change his utter confidence that he's The Shit and that everyone else had better back the fuck off.

Izzy fits this! He's 4'11 and chubby.

He's most definitely no taller than 5'.

a tiny and angry child tbh (he's not a child he's almost 20 but he's like 5'4" and full of rage)

165cm! Not exactly the shortest there is but I think he still qualifies. He is 17 but I don't think he is really going to grow from that, maybe like 2cm at best 

He is very short ( about 160 cm) but will not hesitate to fight you

Finn's twenty-four and he's about 5'5"! He wishes he were taller, but he's also just kind of self-conscious in general -- his height's just one of the many things his anxiety has latched onto.

Yes. Hello. I would like you to meet my red haired son. He's 5'4" man that's quite short when you compare him to his  6'0" (might be larger than that) parents.

Short males make up most of my characters. LOL.
Mimi here is my shortest male character standing at 4'7" !

Laurel is 4'8", Ashton is 4'8", Shae is 4'11", Riley is 5'0", Emery is 5'0", Jackson is 5'0", Eldrin is 5'0" ..
I have a lot more shorties but I'm only gonna link the ones that are five feet and under ahaha.

vinnie here fluctuates between they/them and he/him pronouns, but is very short at just 4'3" (so I guess he counts haha)! he gets very agitated when you bring up his height