Show me your dragon characters!

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Dragon-themed.  Dragon-inspired.  Humanoid Dragons.  Actual Dragons.  Has Dragon powers?  As long as it has dragon in it, literally anything goes.  I love dragons (as evidenced by my slowly growing tag of characters here) and I want to see more!  Tell me about yours!  How/where do they fit in your worlds?  <3

PSA:  I probably won't be able to get to some of these until tomorrow since I'm going to a birthday party in a couple of hours but I promise I'll look at as many as I can until then :)

This is Intrigue. I wish I could tell you his story, but not even I know it. I know that he has been alive for a long time, yet he enjoys telling others that he was born not long ago to human parents. He is a compulsive liar, likes playing games and toying with people (and will most likely kill anyone who does not play with him or if he grows bored of them), and thinks of my friend's dragon character as his senpai. He also stole a child's soul and trapped it in his body, so now he has a permanent 'playmate'. 

He does have a son (my character Achmetha), but I'm not sure how much of a dragon side he has. Even if he does have some abilities, it probably does not matter with how messed up he is thanks to his father.

I love this character dynamic, oh my goodness!  I love how she won't hesitate to tell Kenrave off despite being (normally) reserved + supportive.  The parts of her design with the feathers are pretty neat too (as well as the small detail that they poof up when she's mad, scared or flustered??)  I also like the other detail that she spits out scalding hot water instead of fire - it's an interesting twist!

Holy hell both of their forms are so pretty?  The dragon form has a really unique chibi look which I loooooove (and is sometimes hard to find in dragon characters, I feel?)  The clothes on the human form are stunning because of the colour + the pattern on them, and to top it off the accessories on both forms are rad and fitting??  I like how they carry on between forms, and that there is a general consistency!  Best of luck on brainstorming her story and details :)  The tiny blurb you have so far sounds intriguing!

He has a lovely design?  I noticed you commissioned some art from Flight Rising and I could have sworn I've seen some of his art before - maybe it was from there?  (For the record, the art you have of him so far is gorgeous!)
Damn though, from what you told me his name is deeeeefinitely fitting to his character!  I feel like even the design fits well with that in mind, too - because it's one that can easily trick someone else into thinking he's a charming character at first, before realizing that is not the case.  I think that's my favourite aspect of this character! ^^

heres a dutch angel dragon

Aaaaa they're lovely!!  I adore the sparkles <33
Thank you for showing them to me!  c:

Blossomfall aa tysm!!

Interfector is my only "classic" dragon, they appeared in a dream once but don't exist in world yet. I imaged them to be a typical treasure hoarding, mean, huge dragon.

Here are my other less typical dragons :'>

I love how monster-like Interfector's design is?  That face especially definitely makes them look as if they came straight out of a child's nightmare, which I think is fitting considering their vicious personality!

Out of your less typical dragons Kamu stood out to me - I love how they're a very birdlike dragon, having talons and feathered wings!  It makes for a very creative design, and I really like how the coat is done as well - they can be hard to design, and I like how simple it is!

I also gave Sulfur a favourite because of their neat contrast with colours and the unique spikes they have on their back and wings.  It makes their design look so cool!

Blossomfall Thank you very much! :>

Blossomfall Thank you. I have had his Flight Rising dragon for awhile, so you have probably seen him on that site. I believe at one point I planned on giving him a different name, but now the name has stuck. He can be a very fun character to write, especially when dealing with his son (but that gets extremely dark and I like that sort of writing xD).

Your boy Katsu is absolutely beautiful. Stories about brothers always get to me, especially when they get separated. I hope he finds his family one day. Then there is his personality. Stubbornness seems to be a common trait for a second brother, but it is one I never get tired of. His art is also beautiful, and I could look at it all day. It is just so relaxing.

I definitely understand that last part on how fun it must be to write!  Villainous characters can be fun because they tend to not have boundaries typically seen in everyday life and it's always interesting to build their character arc - and decide if they progress at all.  All in moderation, of course - there are some villains that can be hard to write but are necessary to contribute to the theme/arc of a story.

Also aaaa thank you so much for the kind words??  Katsu is easily one of my favourites because of his design and how I wrote his backstory ;u;  I'm very fond of my blossom themed dragon <33  I appreciate it!

i return with another dragon!! well technically they're a wyvern but close enough

I love their colour palette!  they look so cute AAAA