Show me your characters with No Faves!

Posted 2 months, 1 day ago by Fehnryr

I know some people don't like faves, but when I upload a character and someone adds them to their faves I get butterflies <3

So show me all of your babes that don't have even one favorite.... Post IC, and maybe say a little something about them!

Then go look through and give some of the other characters in this thread the faves they deserve!

A gijinka I got recently

IC is my newest character and she's a dragon~

here's my two gummi sharks with no faves yet ;; w ;;

My snek has no favs :< 

my cute zombie would love a couple of favs

Stareater funny your OC has my birthname HAHA

also this OC/(fur)sona right here, needs more love i think

fabrunette cool! I hope you like them. XD

Another no faves ; v ; 

Faan has no faves! She is a feline scholar princess~

my robot babe has no faves! 

If you like berserk perhaps-

A time god~ Older and the first made character on here actually : O

angry egg 

she's my most developed character as of right now ;'D

a princess

>but actually a dude