Is it just me? >.>

Show me the OC's that you are attracted to.

Not gonna lie, I'd smooch the hell outta at least 60% of my ocs ;^T

Have no shame, lads.

Vivian is my gf who could kill me and I'd say thanks 

im gay but im 100% straight for lumen tbh
never thought i'd love the whole 'cute but shady as FUUCK' as i do bc of them lol

I was accidentally seduced by my own obnoxious walking sh*tpost so yeah I think it's totally reasonable to find ur own OCs to be bamin slammin bootylicious 

Yeah, I do it all the time. :D I think having SOME attraction to a character is a necessity for writing any sort of romance or love stuff with them, though people are free to disagree with me on that front.

I was really attracted to Gideons' "visible" appearance. It was based on the face of a russian model who'se photo I stumbled upon whilst trying to decide Gideons' eyecolor. Fell in love with it. And then there's Dardariel/Darell Candiatis, the greek-looking androgynous fallen angel, because he's just so pretty and tragic and I feel sorry for him.

As for women... I grew mildly attracted to Nimue Jakande, even though she's slightly underage. And Xiaofan, because of her body-structure and dancing skills (and fashion sense). And Engel, due to her badassery and somewhat androgynous appearance.

It's probably easier for me to list characters whom I'm NOT attracted to. Henry Newman/Juliet Wright for example is an odd case. I'm generally really into androgyny but Juliet just looks too...well, "plain" to be attractive. Design necessity for a character that can pass for a man with no makeup. However I find Mr. Newman charming, even if I don't think of him as "handsome". It's the whole lady-chasing, chain-smoking, fake-confident personality of his. However, as soon as I remember that underneath the hairgel, suitjacket and binder "he's" a very butch woman it starts feeling off. So that's confusing. XD

I'm kind of in love with most of my OCs, honestly, but I think Celosia takes the cake

*sweating nervously*

hes the man i want and want to be.

//licks her muscles 

Sexy Boy...........................

I made RAW out of some of my favorite design tropes originally! They're aesthetically very appealing to me! I remember I wanted them to be a fashion model in at least one universe cuz I love the concept of nonbinary models !!

I also find Haneul, Ruffles and Scixynn attractive aesthetically but not necessarily in personality. Charo is probably the most even of my ocs who's both aesthetically and emotionally attractive to me haha but I feel I admire her more than I'm attracted to her

Aethea could curb stomp me and I'd say thanks

I.........I........yes....And what's worse is he's a goofy looking alien

i would kiss all of my characters but i would kiss continuum most of all

Yeah...If I have to be honest... it was the only reason I forced myself so hard to find him second half, just convert my attraction to shipping.
Also Neecah is a character that became my fave in really short time since creation. I really love him ;n;