OCs looking for relationships/friendships

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Hey, I have some handsome boys that are looking for relationships/friendships (Mostly relationships) 

Things to Know

- I've only RPed with one partner (and maybe a handful of others for a short time) for like the last 5 years so I might take a bit to get into the flow of things

- If you're interested in 18+ RPs (Only if you and your character are 18+) we can talk about it in private if I'm interested in your character 

- I've only used the website Chatzy in the past for RPs but I'm up to try other stuff like discord, you'll just have to bear with me for awhile till I get the hang of it

- I do draw but at the moment I am not happy with where my skills lie so I probably won't do a lot of art (besides messy sketches) but I will commission art

- I prefer human and humanoid characters

- Please don't be offended if I turn down your character, I'm real picky with these guys and tended to only pick partners I feel strongly for when thinking of their ship

- I do touch on more triggering subjects such as death, abuse, suicide, ect. So if you aren't comfortable with things like this please don't apply

~~ I think that's all for now, may add things later on if I remember so don't be alarmed if something shows up randomly ~~

The Characters


- Percy is completely Gay and a little shit but has a big and very loyal heart. Looking for someone a bit more dominant to keep his troublesome ass in line

(Do note that I have messaged someone about being a partner for him but the person hasn't logged on for awhile so I'm keeping my options open)


- Julian swings any which way, though he seems to do better with other males than any other gender. He's a pretty anxious guy but he's very protective and kind. He likes to be the big spoon and is all for the cuddles.

(Do note that I have messaged someone about being a partner for him but the person hasn't logged on for awhile so I'm keeping my options open)


- Grim is one of my precious babes that need some extra love. He's pretty shy and cautious of people (human highly preferred for his partner). He would like a male partner at this time and someone who is a bit more dominant would probably work best.


- Kit is my sweet innocent child who I plan to make one of my very dirty RP boys so I would prefer to have someone comfortable with some pretty 18+ content. His partner needs to be a lot more dominant than him. Male Demons would be perfect but any male for this boy would do for this pretty gay kitsune.


- Caine is a newer character of mine so I haven't really thought of a story for him yet, but I do want him to be more of a causal guy. He's Bi, but like most of my characters, he leans towards guys.  He's a pretty laid back and chill guy but he can also be quiet serious, you can never tell the difference till he talks since he's pretty expressionless.

(Do note that I have my eyes on a partner for him but I've been too shy to message them about it so, he's free for now but I might get some courage at some point)

Lastly is the pair I'll be the pickiest about so please take a lot of thought before you apply for them.

(Do note that I have messaged someone about being a partner for them and a relationship is pending)

Some things you need to know before looking into these boys is that they have a very complicated relationship and are very close to one another so they are looking for a male partner to share. These boys around another case that I would like to have 18+ content involved with at some point. I will be in contact with you if we're both serious about the relationship and we'll discuss some things in more detail privately before I commit completely with these two. I do not feel like compromising too much with the story I have in mind for these two.


- Rin is the oldest of the two boys and a social butterfly but is extremely protective over Luka.


- Luka is the sickly and blind younger brother who is very shy and reserved but can be very dangerous when in the right situation.

~~~ Anyhow, that's all the babes I got right now, let me know who you're interested in and fill the form below out with info of your character you want to ship them with, relationship or friendship wise.

Character Name:



Information About Them:

Who you ship them with:

Relationship or friendship?:

Why you ship them and think they would work good together:

You're style of RP (fangirling, art, RP, ect - Include yes or no to 18+ here as well):

Hope you don't mind me posting, I just wanted to say absolutely love Julien he is such a cutie! If I didn't mainly have girls I would totally try and offer a friend o: )