My OCs Ship thread

Posted 9 days, 23 hours ago by EtherealLunala

If you wanna ship my OCS with yours cuz im bored af

But, all of em are open even Lilith and Abaddon (who are married to eachother, but it'd have to be the two before they met eachother because neither would cheat with eachother)

My ocs X My ocs that I ship (you can make art of this this is just like a big thread for my OC shipping)

Azecho (Azazel X Echo)

Azazis (Aeris X Azazel, will make drawing of Aeris soon...)

Lilibadon/Abaddith (Lilith X Abaddon, canon since they're married and the parents of Azazel)

Wraithshee/Bansheith (Wraith X Banshee, probably a little canon)

Ocs X other peoples ocs:

(none yet)