Show me horns and demons

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Another feature thread because these are fun c:

We all know that there currently isn't a way to efficiently browse characters on TH, and since there are over 100k characters on here most go unnoticed. I really love me some demon characters and horned humanoids, so feature any characters you have that fit those two terms and tell me about them and I'll go check them out. No limit on how many characters you feature, I love 'em all!

grrrr i'm scary

my cutie drama queen~

picked him up last night so he doesn't have a bio but here is a horned half-demon!! ;u;

what a good, good thread!

here's a not-so good, good boy

I have many demon ocs but this one wins just by having friggin 5 horns at once

Saxen used to be a demon but I didnt really have much to do with  her as just a demon so I decided to turn her into an oc for Boku no Hero Academia! I kept her horns and other demon-y qualities though!

Boy oh boy I have quite a few but I'll show Lucius since he's one of my most fav design. He's quite the dandy goliath Imp

new babe!

I need more demon ocs 


*finger guns*

I need to draw Elrix more </3

this is one of my horned kids !! i love horned characters theyre so GOOD !!

My work in progress demon~