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So it'll go like this: A person posts a question to the above user's OC. Then, after a new person posts a question, the first person edits their post to have an answer.


Something like

Person A: (posts a question to the above person)

Person B: Does (person A) like cupcakes?

then Person A edits their post so it's like

Person A: (posts a question to the above person)
I do like cupcakes!

Person B: Does (person A) like cupcakes?

Person C: Could (person B) defeat Goku in a fight?


Person A: (posts a question to the above person)
I do like cupcakes!

Person B: Does (person A) like cupcakes?
No, I absolutely could not take Goku on in a fight, have you seen that guy?

Person C: Could (person B) defeat Goku in a fight?


EDIT: Try and ask questions that lead to the development of characters!

EDIT2: Cant believe this needs to be said, but make your posts legible!!!!

EDIT3: Also. Read the person's profile before you ask a question!
Follow these rules or I'll implement a banlist!


I'll edit this post to include a response to the next person's question, once somebody posts!

(re: "Do you enjoy sitting in a garden to relax?")
"A garden? Pfeh! What kind of pansy-ass garbage is that? Lemme tell you how I relax! A warm, musty couch, some snacks, and video games! Hah!" ((But to be honest, she might enjoy just lounging around under a tree on a hot day))

 "Good afternoon Sir Lovejoy! 

It has been brought to my attention that, your speciality is actually teaching music!"  The girl nervously voices her thoughts, unsure as to how to proceed further. What if she may be intruding, what if her question is rude and inappropriate? She does not want to upset the man. 

" May I ask," she blinks away shyly " If you could go back in time, would you try and change your profession? No- actually, allow me to rephrase please... Would you try and change the current course of your whole life? With all of its bad moments gone but also knowing that- so would the good ones be forever lost. Connections with people, events, everything." 

" I very much do enjoy doing so, yes! " She smiles, always enjoying a good long talk on the subject of books and drawing. " My most favorite genre of books is romance." She blushes " Happy endings are a must. Otherwise, I will be quite melancholic for a long time and would not be able to think of anything else but what could have been. As for drawing, it depends on my emotional state but, mostly portraits. I love how expressive bodies are."

"You like reading and drawing, huh? What kinda stuff you like reading the most? And what things do you usually enjoy drawing?"

Neoka frowns before glancing over his shoulder to make sure she's actually talking to him. "Oh, you mean me...? You sure about that? Huh, I wouldn't have used 'pretty,' 'little,' or 'cutie' to address someone like me. You got 'thing' right though..." He lets out a sigh. "And no, not really. I mean, there's one gal I'm fond of, but a smart person in this situation wouldn't hold their breath. I however am not that smart and will hold my breath for her affections until the end of days. Good thing I don't need to breathe." He glances around, as if expecting someone else is listening in. "So, no. I don't really have anyone special in my life, at least in the way that you probably mean." He pauses for about a minute. "...I swear that this is usually the part where Isaac bursts in screaming 'I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIAL,' but maybe he's taking a nap or something. He doesn't count though, no matter what he says."

"Ooo, you're a pretty little thing!  Is there someone special in your life, cutie?"

"Oh dang, a... succubus? Wow, uh," Ryn cleared his throat, "So... you're a businesswoman? What sorta business are you into, exactly? Where's your career headed?" better places than Ryn's, that's for sure :')


Ryn's brow furrowed for a moment... then he flashed a charming, albeit rather yellow, grin, "You must be new 'round here, I'm clearly the shining star of this locality. Every year the town holds a week-long festival in honour of my great contributions to society and dazzlingly good looks." He waved his hand flippantly, carefully avoiding eye contact.

In truth, Ryn hates himself more than anything & thinks the world would be far better off without him.

He'll never give a serious response to questions like these, let alone an honest answer. 

"Ryn is it, hmm? Tell me a little something about yourself, how important do you really think you are?"

"Kill you?" Belladonna smiled at the question. "I would never do such a thing!" The ghost giggled at her own lie. "But if I were to have the desire to kill someone... There would be no reason to not do it!" The girl covered her mouth with her hands as she laughed. "And if I weren't able to do it..." Belladonna floated close to the teen in front of her. "At least I can keep them in pain long enough for them to beg me to end it."

"You WILL kill me? Well, I hope you live up to that publicity! I've met plenty of ghosts and I must say I haven't been very surprised by them. Let's see... Would you try to kill someone who's seemingly unkillable or is it not worth it?"


"Ah..." They don't sound very enthusiastic about them. "They're part of this... Well, as it says on the tin, ghost police. Basically a bunch of nerds who came back to 'life' as police force" they shrug. "They've wanted me in prison for a long time, but they can't! Apparently I'm too human for them. So how do I feel about them? At first they were all I knew about magic and their world, but now it's just meh, they just happen to be... People... Who are ghosts. Like yeah sure they can act creepy but they don't DO it usually. I'm sure they dislike me more than I'm bored by them anyway."

"So, who are these 'ghost police'? How do you feel about them?"

((yeah, I'm trying to figure out a way to balance out the story and her actual character. I'm thinking I might change her profile to a wikipedia article style format so I can have a section on her early life without sacrificing the story's format. Or maybe I'll use tabs for separate police reports, accident reports, witness accounts, etc?))

"I wasn't very satisfied with my school life before I disappeared," Amy shrugs and looks at her feet. "I had originally been in the nursing program, but was kicked out after a..." She paused nervously, "...well, I don't want to talk about that. Anyways, I switched schools and started the psychology program instead, but it wasn't what I really wanted to do. My mother was upset about it, as she wanted me to do something more ambitious at a nicer college."

(ahh this was actually pretty difficult. Though I do like the bio format! It's set up like a police report and was actually really engaging. I just feel like I don't know about the character herself to ask.)

What was your life like before the accident? Were you satisfied with school, or were you struggling to stay afloat?

"Well uh... I'd challenge them, and try and beat the crap out of them! Strategies are for cowards- and people who can't win on their own. If I lost, and they //for some reason// thought leaving me alive was a good idea, then thats their own damn fault! I'd try again the second I got fixed up- I mean if they don't expect that, then they're a dumb-ass who deserves to loose anyway!"

"Damn, you seem like the exact opposite of Echo..."  He shuddered very slightly, almost unnoticeably. "Hmm. So, if you were able to find someone even more powerful than you, somehow, then how would you react? Would you have any tactic? If they were to spare your life, how would you be?... I'm asking like, 50 questions at once sorry." Azazel waited expectantly.

(yes i did the question in character idk why)

"Oh uh, well, honestly i have no fucking idea, but for the sake of the question, i'll say yes. Yeahhh I look nothing like my parents... I sorta look like my dad, I guess? I don't even inherit either of their powers... Eh, who cares? But, if I was an incubus I'd expect myself to be a bit hornier all the time? I have about no care for sex right now, I don't know anymore." He shrugged, not really knowing anything.

"Your mom's a succubus? Huh, well I'm an incubus, too! Er, well half. You are one, right? I don't know how demon blood works."

"Sometimes, yeah. I mean, who wouldn't? I wonder what she looks like, how she acts. But it doesn't eat away at my thoughts, and it's not like I'm not happy with my dads. I love them! So I don't worry too much about meeting my birth mom, I'd just like to meet her at least once."

"Nic, hah? Ever thought of meeting ya birth mom? Maybe find out more about 'er?"

"Ya know, ain't nothing wrong with fighting for ya' ideals." Darius leaned backwards on his chair, seemingly contemplating the question with a light tone. "Naturals--err, humans, don't really get much of a fighting chance to choose for themselves. Not with all those Alter gods and Ascendants meddling about anyway. So when ya find someone as strong as 'er highness, who lacks their arrogance but shows the intelligence and fighting spirit of one, it's not that hard to swear allegiance."

He smiles briefly, before his eyes turned cold with seriousness and stoicism. "Truth to be told, I would have followed her, even had she not found me half-dead. Perhaps had my journey been successful and I still found myself living in her country, I would have chosen the same set of choices presented to me. Besides, I'd rather taken up blind faithfulness over continuous betrayal. With the country at civil war, more the reason to remain faithfully by her side. I think she could change this country for the better, if those wretched beings would stop meddling."

Nodding to himself, he stood up and stretched his overly-lax muscles as he turns to say his farewell to the stranger. "Well, be nice seeing ya! Sometimes, us Naturals can be illogical and stupid, but ya reckon we would have fully destroyed ourselves by now if we're all that stupid. We all fight for our ideals and sometimes, blind faith is one of them. But that can't be any more stupid than fighting for freedom or some other person's debt or their homeland. Thanks for ya' food for thought! Way better than the vice capt's cross-chess session anyways."

So I guess it's mostly, Darius actually doesn't care if it's blind faith or similar interests. He sees something in the queen's potential, both good and bad, so he swears his loyalty like that. And he doesn't like traitors so that's pretty much his take on things lmao but I guess the main answer is: it's a tiny mix of both faithfulness and similar interests???

"Following someone without an inkling of doubt is foolish to say the least. Do you consider her actions for yourself, and continue to ally yourself to her due you both loyalty, and similar perspective? Or is it simply out of blind faithfulness?"

"Well... to truthful, quite often. In the past I tended to step on anyone close to me to further my own career, but thats not really all that necessary anymore. Now I am more careful with how I advance myself- and how far away I keep my loved ones."

He gets told about his arrogance quite a lot, and he isn't really very open about talking about his personal life, so sorry if its pretty short. Its just not something he wouldn't elaborate on.

"...Venusian, right? has your... seeming manipulative, ambitious personality ever ended up damaging someone you care for or your relationship with them?"

"Oooh an assassin, nice. Ever had any really interesting kills?"


"The best meme of all time, huh.... A tough choice. Objectively speaking, the humble rickroll is greatest. Hands down. It's still funny to this day, while most modern memes die in, like, three seconds. They don't make 'em like they used to! I am fan of the crispy crunch of a deep fried meme every now and then, and whatever's hot in the moment... But honestly, nothin can touch my boy Rick. Closest contender for title of ultimate meme is loss.jpeg, but even that's not even in the same ballpark."

"I see you're somewhat of a meme master. What do you think is the best meme of all time?"