You Wake Up In The Above OC's Body! [IC Reaction]

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A game whre your OC reacts to suddenly having the above OC's body. Example

Chara A: *is a butterfly*

Chara B: *is originally a human, but now has Chara A's body* "Neat, I have wings! I'm going to fly away now!

Chara C: *is a wizard, but now has Chara B's original body* "Who is this ugly creature? And why can't they do magic??"

I will start off by sacrificing my son Leon.

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It's one thing to wake up, only to realise you're in someone else's body. But when you couple that with also being dead? That's a whole different ballpark. Immediately, Kimiko noticed that something was wrong, for sure. For one, she couldn't feel anything at all. Not the fabric of her sheets, nor the comfort of her pillow behind her bed. All she could feel was this dull, tingling feeling and a sort of eerie chill. Try as she might, she couldn't even feel her own body; whenever she did so, her hand met only more vacant space. Not to mention... when she moved her body, she could only just realize that she was doing so.

Jolting up in a blind panic, she looked over her form: gone was her Jigglypuff jammies, a pastel pink dress in it's place; gone was her skin, flesh and bone, replaced with only a vague, near-translucent, shape of a person. At the very least, she could tell the 'body' was that of another woman, but not much else beyond that. Her hands almost looked like fins and her legs were... gone, replaced by a tail of sorts. She could only sit there wide eyed for a moment as she looked herself over. In truth, her mind was at such a complete loss for words, she wasn't even sure what she was anymore. All she knew was that being in a body that wasn't her own, a body she wasn't comfortable with, filled her with a terror she had never really felt before.

Still, she knew she had to keep a cool head. Shaking her head, she took a deep a deep breath before doing her best to smile through the anxiety. 

Postive thoughts Kimiko! Ganbatte, Ganbatte! Everything will be daijobu!

If this was a dream, and she was sure it had to have been, then she'd wake up soon and she'd be back in her usual, soft, warm body! She just had to stay! Positive!

At least... this dress is pretty cute! 

claim !!

Alastair was awakened by something -- he wasn't sure quite what. But he noticed something seemed rather strange, a bit off. For one, the sheets felt different on his ... skin? Skin? Where was his fur? Alarmed, he quickly retreated his hands from under the covers. Gone were his claws and beautiful black fur. In their place were the hands of a human. He glanced to his sides, noticing another oddity. Hair? Is that what that is? Hair? He immediately jumped out of his bed and rushed to a mirror. He let out an audible gasp. In his place stood a lovely red-haired woman. Could this be a dream? No, it was far too real. But the person who stood before him in the mirror wasn't him.

As reality began to set in, he started to panic. What could have caused this to happen? Why and how had he been replaced by a human female? He tried to look on the positive side. At least this new body still looked good. But he couldn't come to terms with it. It just wasn't him.

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Xaanik startled awake; he sat bolt upright immediately, then regretted it when the swirl of vertigo hit. Something was wrong. His senses were all distorted, his wings were completely numb. Had he been drugged?

Groggily, he brought a hand to his temple. He froze when his fingers touched something fluffy. At first he thought it must have been something stuck to him, but the tactile feedback ensured him the fur was his. He smoothed his hand back down over the silky fur on his head and, to his further surprise, encountered a pair of ...horns? That wasn't the only strange addition; if the change in depth perception was anything to go by his eyes had been re-arranged. He felt his face. A muzzle? That was new. He ran his tongue over the sharp teeth in his mouth; they felt more mammalian than what he was used to what with those with long, curving canines and bumpy molars. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had molars.

Bewildered, he splayed a hand out before him and scrutinized it. Instead of the smooth, ashy skin he was used to, his arm was jet black with a coat of short, sleek fur. He was some kind of... humanoid mammal?

As his senses returned to him, it became increasingly apparent that this body wasn't his at all. It felt longer, less bulky; as he stretched experimentally it was clear his wings were totally gone. His spine extended down into a fluffy tail -- he flicked it experimentally to make sure it indeed belonged to him, and it obeyed.

The initial shock subsided, and was replaced with equal parts confusion and curiosity.

How was any of this possible? Sure he could change his shape, but never so drastically so fast, and never without conscious effort. He'd taken different forms before but they'd all been either human-like, demonic, avian or some combination of all three. None of those creatures had fur. He'd never had a pulse either-- the steady rhythm in his chest was possibly the most disconcerting thing about all this. Had he somehow become a realistic facsimile of some biological creature? Or.... an actual biological creature? No, that couldn't be possible, there was no way -- He put that train of thought on hold, deciding he needed to find a reflection before he could really assess his situation.

 He clambered to his feet, still unsteady on those new legs, and gangled his way over to the mirror. He halted before it; cocked his head. The creature in the mirror cocked its head too. Until he'd caught a glimpse of his new appearance he'd assumed this form was something vaguely canine, but what he saw in the mirror only perplexed him more. The shape of this head was more reptilian than anything else. He made a few different facial expressions, trying to get a feel for these odd features. Staring into those pale eyes he began to feel like this entire body wasn't his -- the senses were too different, the form was too strange; There were echos here of a different energy, it felt... Like it belonged to someone else. It seemed impossible, but honestly, stranger things had happened. Did that mean someone else now inhabited his body?...

It was clear he'd have to get to the bottom of this. Until then he supposed he'd look after this body as best he could 'til he found whatever had become of its rightful occupant. 

[Hoooooo boy he's gonna get a rude shock when he figures out his psychic powers and perceptions are gone!]

He wasn't sure what had happened, how, or even when, but he did know one thing: this wasn't his body.
With a somber expression, Aradaio flexed his fingers and turned his hand around slowly to observe the new limb. Had the darkness given him a new body? Surely he would have had some sort of warning beforehand. He extended his arm and faced the palm downwards, intending to summon his Scythe. The shadows did not stir. Aradaio pulled back his arm, his expression still calm, although focused.
For what reason have I changed? he asked himself. He glanced over his shoulder to see large black and white wings attached to him. One moved simply by him thinking about it, curling towards him so he could feel the soft feathers. I can only hope the one in my body isn't abusing the powers. I'd better call Gustav and explain the situation before several Deaths accidentally massacre innocent lives.

AAAAA I made it a bit lON G SORRY!!!!

Asi blinked once, twice, before getting up, his hands automatically brushing his head in search for bumps. The last thing he remembers is another confrontation with the brat Kali then--


The former redheaded Alter god realized that something is a miss, his usual garb of noble garments were replaced with what seems to be-- high quality commoner's clothing? He stood up, brushing his hand on his head once more before realizing that horns protrude out of his forehead. Panic began bubbling in the pit of his stomach, as the final thing he noticed different from his body is the color of his skin--red like that of demons.

"What is..."

He covered his lips upon hearing himself speak, realizing even his voice is different. Asi is not unfamiliar with waking up without any recollection of the previous incidents, it's the whole reason for his journey in the Land of the gods after all. However, waking up in someone else's body, a demon nonetheless, is a new time high for the list of freaky things he got involved in.

"Perhaps, in this form, little Adelaide would accept me better."

Trying to hide his worry, he joked a bit, thinking of the possible ways his step-daughter and husband would react to him. He shook his head, silver hair swaying along rather than the red he is familiar with, as he stood up, before checking out what other clues he can take from the mysterious owner of this demon body. Glinting at the side is a katana, one that is similar to what his husband uses, urging him to pick it up. Though not as conventional as the tsurugi he uses, Asi decides it's better to have a weapon to defend himself rather than none. Out of habit with Kazan, Asi tried summoning his cursed flames to activate the weapon, but instead, the non-distinct katana transformed into a scythe.

He almost dropped the weapon in shock and surprise. Regaining his senses, Asi inspected the newly formed shadow scythe, twirling it about, as if his body is familiar with the motions, before stopping with grace. A smirk slowly formed on the face of the red-skinned Hell-occupant as the former-prince decided to make the best of this situation before Caelum and his loyal followers fix this new mess he got dragged into.

"Now let's see, I wonder if Kali or any of those disgusting god-wannabes would like to visit Hades for a while~"