What Does the OC Above You Smell Like?

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Do they smell like sunshine, nutmeg, and a dash of desperation?

What about copper, wet moss, and a tinge of arrogance?

Well, be a weirdo and give 'em a sniff!


need some assistance? google is your friend!

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cheat sheet:

  • Fragrant (e.g. florals and perfumes)
  • Fruity (all non-citrus fruits)
  • Citrus (e.g. lemon, lime, orange)
  • Woody and resinous (e.g. pine or fresh cut grass)
  • Chemical (e.g. ammonia, bleach)
  • Sweet (e.g. chocolate, vanilla, caramel)
  • Minty and peppermint (e.g. eucalyptus and camphor)
  • Toasted and nutty (e.g popcorn, peanut butter, almonds)
  • Pungent (e.g. blue cheese, cigar smoke)
  • Decayed (e.g. rotting meat, sour milk)

"yall smell like garbage comapared to me" (this is just beans personality im sorry if it offends you)

"You smell like a pond full of lilies"

you smell like a whole bunch of grapes. all the grapes, and a cup of grape juice

*sniffs intensely* you kinda smell like.. apples..? i like it ! 

"Y'smell like sugar and the way all new clothes do. You know that smell -- kinda steely, kinda chemical -- it sounds bad when I'm saying it out loud, but it's a good one."

Heyyy I'm actually so happy you deduced this -- vanilla is Finnegan's canonical smell (he wears the extract) and I'm just really delighted you were able to guess this.

sniiiiiiiifffffffffff "hmmmm apples, nutmeg and-" sniffff sniffff "a hint of vanilla."

"You smell like fish, of some sort.. I mean, you are a cat."

Raphael gave a deep inhale with his eyes closed. He exhaled before taking in another breath of Eris' scent, trying to figure out what which parts were what. "I smell... Metal. Metal and leather along with bone. You have a sharp scent, and if you lingered around someone then I'd imagine that not only would your scent would be memorable but it would also last with someone throughout the day." The avian opened his eyes slowly. "It gives off a mature feeling."

*sniffs strongly* "Hmm you smell airy, bitter, and very distinct. That's just what I got after getting a scent from you."

The bookling pulled an expression full of disgust as he approached to sniff the creature. "Must I? Ugh...okay, you don't smell...unpleasant. A mixed bag of spices, cinnamon and nutmeg especially. I'm not doing that again."

"I can't smell anything. I don't think I have been ever since those brats gave me their cold." Terry slowly looks Caroskel up and down. "You look like you'd smell like cotton candy, though. No wait. You've got a look on your face that says to guess again. Uh. Probably a Victoria's Secret."

"If I'm being completely honest, you smell sickly sweet. In the worst possible way, of course; one where the two are firmly demarcated from each other but still coexist. I can detect all sorts of infinitesimal pathological catastrophes—at the very least, the concoction includes some form of rhinovirus—and, frankly, I'm surprised you haven't managed to somehow procure transient lingual papillitis from those traces of orange on your breath, although perhaps they weren't oranges fresh from the harvest. It seems like there was at least an attempt to obfuscate the alcohol, but it's there as well."

"It could be because of the, y'know," Haru motioned to the floating laurels, her fingers making a parentheses motion around her own head, "but I smell something that feels like that feeling of autumn. Crisp leaves and maybe a bit of dirt." She took another sniff, "Also a papery smell. Like an office type of thing. It's a nice, vivid combination."