Favorite character of the person above!

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Just go through the last person's characters, and say who your favorite character from there is!


1. If someone offers certain folders instead, please respect that. Just please give a good number of characters to choose from!
2. Bonus points if you say why, and favorite the character, the person would probably appreciate knowing what you like about their babies.
3. Put effort into your post please. No posts like "I like ___,"  At least two lines, please.

PLEASE wait at least three posts before going again. <3

Shade you have so many pretty cuties!!! but if i have to pick one i gotta go with Celeste i am a SUCKER for space themed and blue characters and she is just so adorable! and she sounds like such a sweetie despite what she's been through i just want to hug her and be her friend toooooo ;w; tho i did have a laugh at how people have rumors about her and a cult and despite how i think she's a sweetie it would also be cool if that were true too!

You.... thank you so much....

h onestly it's so nice to hear I accomplished making her relatable??? aaaaa i wish i wasn't so terrible with words because really thank you so much!! ;W;

Amaria Definitely like Zircon. She's too dang relatable sdlfjslfj. I too am somebody who adopted a punk persona at a young age because I kind of had to (because prissy = "baaaaad and weak"). Never felt comfortable with it despite all the neon skulls and black shirts that were forced into my wardrobe. Now I live on my own and I'm the into that harajuku/lolita style. But Zircon is interesting that that she reminds me of past experiences. And her personality is just... so relatable?? Aaa i want to cheer her on, I hope she can embrace her softer side someday. ;;o;; Plus, I really dig big projects, and it's nice to get a glimpse into Kaidachi World. Makes me curious about the rest of it. Great character! ovo)d

Aviecat I'm gonna have to say Rhett. You have some really neat looking characters, but Rhett jumped out at me because he looks so adorable. Having read his bio he seems like a really neat character. I'm really interested in the ability that you've given him. It's really unique. I don't think I've ever seen another character with a power like that, but it sounds like it's got potential to be a really interesting story. Nice work :) 


look at him!!! hes a good sim;ple design and..... he sounds supr cool the heck. im not good at talkging

buhu I love ur son as honesty!! This babe especially!  Ur carebear is also pretty cute !!

AaaaaaAaaaAAaaaaa this is a hard choice! I'm gonna go with Axel cause he looks like a cool dude and I'm a sucker for monochrome (or... Almost monochrome) designs!

Aarix you gotta lotta good characters but i have you go with Xaanik! they have a really nice design (looking at their up to date art) and reading through the bio i got a great sense on how much love, effort and years went into 'em! They also, to me, seem very different from other angel characters ive seen so that's also pretty cool!!

also i have to mention Lucifer Killfuck because i've been laughing at his profile and design for ten minutes 10/10 best joke character