⭐️Favourite a character and explain why

Posted 6 months, 1 hour ago (Edited 2 months, 24 days ago) by Cryss

Everybody loves getting favourites, so why not make a game where faves are guaranteed and people can compliment your OCs?


The game is easy to play!

▶︎ Post a comment claiming the person above you.
▶︎ Go to their gallery and choose a character you like most.
▶︎ Add that character to your favourites.
▶︎ Edit your comment to explain why you chose that character to fave. Your reasons can be anything, whether it's that you like their design, you read their story and think it's original, because you share the same name with the character, or something entirely different. Keep it nice!


Please also follow these rules to make sure the game stays fun for everyone!

❖ Don't be rude, insult people's characters, or make inappropriate comments. "I like Jef because I didn't think it was possible to be so ugly" comments are not a good reason to fave and will result in an instant block from this and my other threads.
❖ Actually fave the character! Don't only say what you like. Remember that this is a fave game primarily!
❖ Don't forget to give a reasoning either, faving alone isn't enough.
❖ Try to go into detail with your explanation. "The way his dress compliments his skin tone works so well and the texture of his hair is too gorgeous" is more fun to receive than "I like his design"!


▶︎Also, only claim at most once every four people! This is to give others a chance to participate as well◀︎


◎23/03 update: a new rule has been added. Please only participate if you have 10 or more characters. This is to give people a broad enough choice and to prevent the thread from getting stuck due to little choice!


I choose Nikolai Byko, I really liked the overall character design and colors, plus the story was intriguing and well fleshed out.


I favorited etionette! I love art themed characters omg <3 She's SO cute!


I favorited Static! I really like his design. I like characters that have something to do with technology, and their lore's pretty cool also!


I favorited Styx as i find their face very adorable, the mask like feature is really nice and i like how the colours of the design go well together.

Aqacia I favourited Eric because his design is really cute. Love the purple hair!

Paracosm I favorited Blue bc i really love pink and blue color schemes!!


I faved Angel as I love their colors! It's so beautiful and also birb characters are good!

I picked Fairy this time!  THEY'RE SUCH A CUTE FLOOF (i love ferals with floof) and I loooove the neat markings on the face and body.  they compliment their design well!  Also, that tiny crown is adorable! <3

Oh my gosh immediately had to go with Bornite!! Her icon drew me in so quick- i'm such a sucker for four eyed characters- and she's so bright n happy bless her heart!!!! Don't worry bab you totally do look cool in those glasses!! ♡

Edit: millymarauder: eee thank you!! Marcel doesn't get a lot of visitors but they're happy enough regardless!! ; w ; 


I love Clover's design. I'm not typically a fan of green things, but oml she is precious!
And I really love Marcel's design! The dark skin tone with the orange hair is really nice. And their little eyepatch is super cute! And the fact that they spend all their time in their garden is great <3 I hope people visit them if they don't leave their garden too often!?! 


Omg, ok, so I love Ria. I love that she's an oni, I love her style, I love her color scheme. I love all of her. She's such a cute character. Eye catching, but not in a bad bad way. She's an adorable and interesting character overall.