Character Trait ABC's!

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Using the letter's from your character's name, use the chart to list some of their traits!

Examples below, here's the list!

Crazy Memory
Goals and Heroes
Jokes & Sense of Humor
Never will they ever...
Odd Fact
Physical Trait
Tattoos, Piercings, & Scars
Unique Talent
Voice (link or describe)
Where were they born?
Xrays & Medical History
Your Inspiration for Creating this Character
Zzz... Weirdest Dream?

Examples: (expand spoiler)

A- Amy's attitude is usually pretty good, unless you give her a wedgie.
M- Morally, Amy is opposed to the clubbing of seals. (And you should be too!)
Y- My inspiration for creating Amy was... you guessed it... for this example.

or sometimes, a letter will get used more than once! Think of a different way to interpret it?

H- Hannah's hobbies include knitting, sewing, and yodeling.
A- Hannah can have a seriously bad attitude when she doesn't get her way.
N- Never will Hannah ever get caught pumping gas naked again....
N- Never will Hannah ever exist outside this example because she's a terrible character.
A- Hannah's bad attitude can vastly be improved by giving her a piece of cheesecake.
H- Hannah's other hobbies are spelunking, reading, and teaching turtles how to speak.

And if you really have no idea how to answer one, you can make up a different "question" or "theme" for the letter.
Also- Hard Mode- Use last names too!

I guess the 'Marshal' part shouldn't be included since it's the rank of his namesake so just Shaposhnikov then...

S -- As much as he's loyal to the Pacific Fleet, part of him wants to return to the Baltic fleet which based in his hometown. And he's quite certain if he transferred back to the Baltic Fleet, there might be a chance for him to become their flagship. The Baltic Fleet's current's flagship, Nastoychivyy, is Bystryy's younger brother and is smaller than him despite also being a destroyer. He believes it's not uncommon that flagship rank can be granted to the largest combat ship in the fleet.

H -- What he would describe as 'putting Vovka in his place', aka terrorizing Vovka to stay off his two younger brothers. The following sequences could be from merely one-sided nagging to full blown quarrel, depends on how Vovka will react to the 'bait'.

A -- Too serious for everyone's mental health tbh, lol. Has a really high morals and strong sense of justice that sometimes applied to things that weren't called for.

P -- Probably his reddish blond hair. Strangely enough there isn't anyone else who shares a similar color in his fleet though there's a few of them in other fleets.

O -- Because his RL counterpart was once caught obliterating a tiny Somalian pirates' dinghy with an AA gun on a video clip which is now widely available on youtube. He has been a butt of a joke about beng 'international star', 'internet idol' and 'youtube viral achiever' by his fleet mates since that clip came out. Thus he has been grumbling about wanting to have youtube blocked from the internet network in his base. XD

S -- Despite how stubborn he is concerning the 'lineages' illusion he came up, deep down he regrets it that most likely his two older brothers couldn't 'pass on' peacefully because they feared for the future that without them, no one would have the ability to stop Shaposhnikov and Vovka from constantly fighting.

H -- Trying to find a way to effectively make his youngest brother, Yurka, giving up his cup ramen addiction.

N -- Making peace with vovka and allowing his two younger brothers to openly call Vovka 'older brother'.

I -- Overall above avarage, though he often ruins that impression with his tendency to harass Vovka every so often.

K -- Doesn't have one. Unless you consider an extreme form of being overly possessive of his younger brothers (though strictly in platonic, non-romantic and non sexual way) a kink?

O -- Currently of all active ships in his class, he's the only one whose name has the rank 'marshal'. The rest are mostly 'Admirals', 'Vice-Admiral' and a city name.

V -- Not quite sure how to describe it. Here's the sample.

A - Austin has a rather stubborn and independent attitude and doesn't listen to others well, even when he was capable of hearing.
U - Austin is capable of having short ranged visions into the future, which are usually pretty clear and can warn him of things that will happen soon.
S - He'd never say so, but Austin secretly is rather jealous of his brothers for how much more attention they got from their parents. Although he was close with his father, Austin never felt he was quite as "loved" since he didn't receive as much affection as his brothers and was always taught to be "tougher."
T - Austin has no scars or tattoos.
I - Austin was a pretty average student, but his street smarts and practical knowledge, particularly with hands on work or building/fixing, is quite a bit better.
N - Never will he ever be disloyal to his brothers, no matter how much he might be harsh on them or not listen very well to them.

P - Austin doesn't have any particularly striking physical features aside from maybe his hair.
R - He has a rather sporadic routine, usually doing whatever he wants, such as building or fixing something or going out to a bar or club to socialize.
O - Austin and his triplets are afflicted with a "See/Hear/Speak No Evil curse" of sorts, which was likely inspired by an episode of Jackie Chan Adventures. XD
P - He keeps himself in good physical shape to better protect his brothers, also because working out gives him something to do.
H - Austin's hobbies mostly involve hands-on work, often to build something, which he often did with his father when he was growing up.
E - I haven't worked out a specific job for him yet before he discovers his potential, but he likely works at some blue collar job doing manual labor.
T - Austin has 3 piercings per ear.

Hobbies - eating & being a nuisance. one of Haru's main issues is she lacks any solid hobbies/interests/goals, she gets bored easily & hops from thing to thing looking for distractions

Attitude - aloof, tries very hard to act cool & distant cuz when she talks you'll realize she just odd & awkard

Routine - wake up, wander, steal food, either hit the road for travelling or look around where she is for something interesting, steal more food, go too bed too late

Unique talent - whenever bad things happen to her, it seems to rain so she's convinced her bad fortune controls the weather

B - "Beliefs" has a weird meaning in my settings, but I suppose you could say that Bailey is more or less loyal to her planet's deity, the Fishkin God.
A - Bailey's attitude is somewhat serious, methodical, and hard working.
I - She is a very intelligent woman, with all the medical knowledge of a certified nurse, along with just being clever and quick to learn in general.
L - Bailey is currently in a relationship with a former med-school classmate and now colleague, Cyan.
E - Bailey is a nurse at a hospital in the heart of a large coastal city.
Y - I don't actually remember the exact inspiration for Bailey. I just knew I wanted Cyan to have a girlfriend. XD

C - Bailey considers each first encounter with each of Cyan's family members to be rather crazy memories... They are a rather crazy family in general.
O - I think I actually tried to put some kind of reference or symbolism in her last name, but I cannot remember what it was for the life of me. XD
R - Bailey's routine typically includes her working at the hospital for most of her day, sometimes longer hours depending on what's needed at the time. Cyan usually has to inject some spontaneity into her off-hours, otherwise Bailey would probably be a routine-workaholic. ^^;
A - Although she genuinely cares about her patients and works hard, when off the clock Bailey can usually come off as a bit prim and snooty.
M - Bailey is down to earth and cares about the well-being of others, but she also is pragmatic and never considers her options or morals in general to be purely black and white.
E - In her past, Bailey used to volunteer sometimes at the retirement home her mother works at.
D - Bailey's dreams are relatively simple, and she just wants to live a semi-comfortable life while still helping others in the medical sense. She's also wondering when Cyan and she will start living together.
E - Related to her nurse work at the hospital, she frequently assists Cyan during surgeries.

S - A secret, huh? He gave his horns names. Left one is Jayden, right one is Kayden. Never-mind the fact that the initials of his horns spell out "jk/just kidding" and he has a habit of pointing to his horns while saying it... confuses 9 out of 10 people, and makes that one single person who does know about his little secret groan very, very loudly.
A - His attitude? 100% shameless, flirty, lazy and materialistic.
N - Never will he ever be caught wearing appropriate clothing. Ever. He'd rather die.
T - No tattoos, surprisingly enough. 6 piercings - tongue, dimples, lowbret, nipples. No scars to speak of yet.
I - He's actually more intelligent than most people would think? Not necessarily genius levels, and he's most definitely more street smart than book smart, but he's not dumb. Pretty average IQ, I would say, with a lot of stupid & completely useless trivia stored away in this brain of his. Hey, dumb facts about pigeons can be pretty good icebreakers!
N - Never will he ever wake up on his own accord before midday has passed. I'm dead serious. Unless you manage to somehow force him out of bed, he'll be in there for most of the day.
O - He once cut his tongue open because he chewed on a lollipop, and chewing on hard candy may create sharp edges... fun times. He's made sure not to chew on candy like that ever since then though, so at least he learned from it.

A-  Angry, grumpy, very competitive.

Z - He doesn't dream.

A- Hates everything and everyone.

Z- He doesn't dream.

E- Leader of the Wrath District / Gang in the City of H.E.L.L

L- Nothing but himself and his Right Hand Babalel (secretly)

D - Love, family, intimacy, good food

A - Confident, narcissistic, but honest.

N - Never will he Kale.

I - Daniel's street smart and has some good knowledge of math and stats due to his casino days. He's not stupid but he's no Einstein.

E - Professional kick boxer

L - A romantic deep down. Currently in relationship with a vampire.

Kinks: Deep down he's subby, lol
Intelligence: Not exceptionally intelligent, as he was never formally schooled, but he's more intelligent than most people would give an orcish boy credit for.
Employment: Escort! He'll do private dates, but most people just want him physically.
Routine: He doesn't have one, really! Sometimes he has no appointments, and other times he's booked all day, the only consistant is a bath before dinner and reading until bed.
Odd Fact: He has a bit of an oral fixation, and licks or bites his lips frequently.
Never will they ever... hurt a fly - unless he's asked to.

Secret Sugar wants the easy life-style and no strings attached because he thinks love isn't a thing he's capable of. It requires trust and he was burned one too many times but those he thought he could trust/love. He really adores attention and affection because they are safe, distance substitutes for those deeper connections most people crave...

Unique Talent Nsfw related - He could've joined the circus as a sword-swallower, if you get my drift. SFW - He's really good at reading body language, it comes with the territory. 

Goals and Heroes - He wants to live an easy, relaxed life. He isn't concerned with what other people have been through in comparison, he just feels he's experienced plenty and wants to take it easy/have fun for the rest of his days. A sugar daddy to spoil him is at the top of his christmas list. His hero? No one in particular. Maybe Marilyn Monroe or Lana Del Ray. He admires confident women who know how to get what they want through seduction and charm. 

Attitude - Sassy, confident, flirtatious, playful, confrontational if offended, lazy 

Routine - Waking up in the afternoon, sleepily going through his ritual of washing, primping, checking his schedule for clients. He'll put off eating and just have something sweet to drink to start his day, as well as an exercise depending on the day of the week.. After the first client or two he'll break for a nice lunch and do some cam work for his vlog. If he has an overnight arrangement he's pretty much tied to the house for the evening. Otherwise he might try to go out with friends. On weekends he likes to go shopping or partying; booking weekends is a big deal for Sugar and reserved for clients with the biggest pockets and the biggest...ah, personalities

Z -- She probably has plenty, being almost  450 years old. While I may not pinpoint when or how often this occurs,  it's likely she had dreams about alternate reality in which Peter the  Great decided not to found Saint Petersburg. There are likely several  versions of this theme but I'm sure the weirdest (or her most favorite  one?) is the version in which Peter the Great not only skipped founding  her arch enemy but also raised Yaroslavl to become a new capital of  Russia. 

I -- While she doesn't possess  an actual degree in education concerning these subjects, she knows quite  a lot when it comes to nuclear engineering. It comes with decades of  working on constructing and maintenance of nuclear powered submarines  for the USSR navy and Russian navy. By doing so she had to understand  about the reactor installed in the submarine, the weapons carried by  those subs which included nuclear warhead and when subs were  decommissioned and dismantled, she also needed to handle dealing with  the radioactive waste left from the disposed reactor.

N -- Visiting Saint Petersburg or Moscow unless it's related to working trip.

A -- Most people would likely assume that she's cold and unfriendly.  However, she's rather friendly toward western nations that used to lend  her assistance during several conflicts. In particular those countries  are US, Canada, France and Britain whose soldiers helped her fought  against the Bolsheviks during Russian civil war.

I -- Because of the aforementioned role during Russian civil war and for  hosting a site which the tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles  are conducted, she also possesses knowledge of military strategies and  hardware.

D -- Unrealistic one would be a romantic relationship with Yaroslavl'. (despite all the frightening qualities about her military knowledge, she's still an ordinary girl I swear) While realistic one would be that her submarine 'children' will  complete their service uneventfully and return to her when it's 'their  time to go'.

A -- She has a lot of  mental strength which sometimes make some men uncomfortable because  she's really tough for a woman. Hence she dislikes men who get easily  insecure about their masculinity after seeing her habits and then try to  push her into the traditional 'weak female' role to rise their own ego.